If this isn’t ULTIMATE GALL, nothing is…

Today, 2 headlines DEFINE ultimate gall:

“DOJ inspector general: Comey ‘violated’ FBI rules” and then there’s this: “Comey Demands Apology Despite DOJ Watchdog Revealing He Violated FBI Policies”

Got that? Comey violated an FBI employee agreement and policy, but wants apologies.

On second thought, we’re not sure this is ultimate gall…or arrogance.

But, oh wait…then there’s this, at the Gateway Pundit: “Larry C. Johnson: Keep Your Powder Dry, Comey Is Not Out of the Woods Yet” Seems FISA violations are a little more egregious than privately written self-memos, and it’s hanging over his head.

Johnson notes “Jim Comey is stupidly taking a victory lap over this report and insisting that he is vindicated. I once considered Comey to be a smart person. Clearly he is not. He just pretends to be. His behavior today reveals an immaturity and hubris that confirms why he was fired in the first place as FBI Director.”

Which means, when you take into consideration the first two headlines, then add the third – we can run one more ‘ultimate’ descriptive by you, that of…stupidity.

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