Why waste time over small stuff when bigger intel violations occurred?

Who cares what Comey did with self-authored memos to himself? Considering his ego it wouldn’t be surprising to learn they were all just overblown narcissistic fairytales.

Wasting time over trivialities when more serious crimes were committed would be a big blunder: fraudulent FISA apps, etc, indicate there are bigger issues to address here.

Comey was in the center of it, along with John Brennan, and at the top, Barack Obama.

Open message to AG Barr, re, investigations: F-A-S-T-E-R…PLEASE.

Bottom-line prediction: heads will roll, with BIG crimes leading the list of indictments.

How can they not? Let this sink in:

If an elected President can be unlawfully targeted by law enforcement and intelligence agency partisanship, what American feels safe in their homes from this point on?

Suggestion to Comey: better squirrel away all those book profits…your false-bravado talk is cheap, but the type of lawyers you’ll need soon are gonna be expensive.

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