For the Left, fake outrage must be very…flexible

They’re outraged for decades over Republicans making America the ‘policemen for the world’…until Trump’s NATO speech, telling Europe they must be more responsible…

…thus, cuing Democrat outrage over Republicans not wanting to be world policemen?

(And remember FBI Dir. Comey? Democrats screamed for his head…’til Trump fired him, at which point the President became a self-serving maniacal tyrant for doing so.)

When it comes to fake outrage, Democrats manage to work it from any end, subjectively.

Writ large, being Democrat means having it multiple ways.

Arguing ‘banana republic’ to avoid prosecuting lawbreaking politicians is disingenuous

One left-of-center journalist after another bemoans the ‘lock-em-up’ mentality of society in this present political climate, but are they serious….or just providing cover for their icons?

Throwing out a scant line on Hillary’s lawbreaking email activities as Sec-State, then going full throttle into all the non-existent, possible lawless acts of Trump aides is self-serving.

Equating what is PROVABLE lawless activity by one political opponent to what can only be described as demonstrably unproven allegations against the other is deceitful.

No Mr. Tobin, a lock-em-up mentality isn’t ‘banana republic’ when laws WERE broken…

…but it’s certainly ‘banana republic’ when law doesn’t apply to your Democrat party.

Prosecuting a young navy guy who takes a picture of himself in his first submarine for a girlfriend is okay, but NOT prosecuting a deceitful politician for setting up an illegal email server so her communications can fly under the radar of accountability is…acceptable?

We should understand by now that the Left never sees themselves wrong when it comes to whitewashing politicians of their own ilk…but NO WAY is that thought process right.

ALL of Russia’s advances were empowered by Democrat-governed appeasing…

It begs repeating…

ALL of Russia’s advances in the last 10 years were encouraged by Democrat-governed appeasing and the infamous, misguided Obama-Clinton ‘reset diplomacy’…

…and all of the (Soviet Union’s and) Russia’s setbacks occurred during GOP rule…

…yet, we’re to believe Russia colluded with Republicans to help them win power?

What reasoning Democrat believes this claptrap? Do they really want an investigation?

As noted by recent articles, Democrats may soon become victims of their own making

…and a distinct, perfect example of the Chinese proverb…

…”be careful what you ask for, because you might get it…”

With all of the conniving going on between the Clintons and Obama with Russia, the sham-stream media, by pushing their over-inflated hype to the extreme…

…may have brewed a wholesale Democrat-icon demise.

(Which could truly be described as ‘delicious irony’.)

Need proof Democrats put Party before country?

The headline says it all…

“Trump’s trip abroad thrills Republicans, disappoints Democrats”

Now, if he had suffered a pratfall or otherwise committed a gaffe, Democrats would no doubt be happy…hey, he’s a Republican and they can’t give him breathing room.

As it is, he sealed a large Saudi deal and asked them to step up in the fight against terror, and calmed jittery nerves in Israel caused by Obama’s treachery toward that ally.

And God forbid NATO allies should be reminded to pay their fair share, for THEIR common defense. Why would any Democrat give him credit for that?

As a ‘loyal opposition’, typically the Party out of power should be pleased that their country was nonetheless respected internationally, and well represented by its President…

…but not this Party.

They’d rather see America diminished, than Trump successful.

Democrats must be so proud.

Funny…outside leak-infested DC swamp, Pres Trump seems VERY presidential

Others have pointed it out, and we don’t mind mentioning it as well…

President Trump, visiting foreign nations and absent the leak-monsters inhabiting the DC swamp, shows us that he’s what many of us voted for…

…and shows how vile the swamp-things have been, that surround him at home.

Makes you wonder why he would want to go back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.