Need proof Democrats put Party before country?

The headline says it all…

“Trump’s trip abroad thrills Republicans, disappoints Democrats”

Now, if he had suffered a pratfall or otherwise committed a gaffe, Democrats would no doubt be happy…hey, he’s a Republican and they can’t give him breathing room.

As it is, he sealed a large Saudi deal and asked them to step up in the fight against terror, and calmed jittery nerves in Israel caused by Obama’s treachery toward that ally.

And God forbid NATO allies should be reminded to pay their fair share, for THEIR common defense. Why would any Democrat give him credit for that?

As a ‘loyal opposition’, typically the Party out of power should be pleased that their country was nonetheless respected internationally, and well represented by its President…

…but not this Party.

They’d rather see America diminished, than Trump successful.

Democrats must be so proud.

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