Refusing to see the obvious

Reader John K. (coincidence?) invokes anti-Semitism as a legitimate reason for the removal of Israel from the Middle East…since their existence offends others.

But look what’s happening in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq…purely Muslim-on-Muslim violence. No one can assert ISIS is beheading Muslims because they’re Jewish.

Taking religion out of the equation, our earlier blog is more relevant than ever…why would anyone object to tolerance and freedom existing in the Middle East?

Only when ‘religion’ is added are anti-Israel players able to try justifying their views.

But, since when does intolerance beget tolerance?

Dr. Krauthammer has a new article discussing the possibility of the next Holocaust, if Iran is given the opportunity to finish developing a nuclear weapon.

Considering the last Holocaust, the need for such an article is a global disgrace.

The Jewish religion is not the cause of this relentless anti-Semitic unrest…

…INTOLERANCE of religion is the cause…

…stoked by despotic leaders of restive masses, whose nations have failed them.

For those narrow-minded souls who try to assuage the intolerance, remember this…

…that intolerant ‘Muslim lion’ will still be hungry after the last Jew is devoured.

Non-believer religions…it’s what’s for lunch.

Potomac two-step, to avoid charges of treason?

Why would the administration refuse to label the Taliban as terrorists?

Could it be because doing so puts Obama in the spotlight for releasing 5 of them, in a disgusting swap of these al-Qaeda allies for suspected deserter Bowe Bergdahl?

Even worse, it now looks like one of the 5 is trying to return to his jihadist lifestyle.

So, when you hear of a tap-dancing White House Press flack who won’t call the Taliban ‘terrorists’, but admits they commit acts of terror, it makes you wonder.

(Maybe Obama remembers one of the bills he signed, the National Defense Authorization Act, which makes it a crime of treason to “…offer or provide any material support to terrorist groups”.)

‘Any material support’ no doubt includes releasing terrorists. And, lest we forget, treason is one of the impeachable crimes provided for in the U.S. Constitution.

Naah…can’t be…the House GOP has given him a ‘get-out-of-impeachment’ card.

Sure, sure…why would the world need democracy and religious tolerance in the Middle East?

Love them or hate them, the Israelis have managed quite an accomplishment.

In the midst of 400 million Muslims who hate them and are bent on their destruction, 8 million Jews nourish a democracy…that tolerates all religions.

Noted historian Victor Davis Hanson has an article today in National Review Online entitled “Can Israel Survive”, and it should be a must-read for serious thinkers.

Those willing to consider it objectively should come away with one question…

…doesn’t the world NEED an example of tolerance and freedom in the Middle East?

News Flash (yawn) – Obamacare sucks…$1 trillion MORE than before

Oops…the CBO goofed, but no worries…they were only off by a $trillion dollars.

Now they say the cost of Obamacare over the next ten years will be appx $2 trillion.

How incompetent do you have to be to make a one $trillion dollar error?

Oh, and remember how the mandates ‘were not a tax’? Oops, looks like they are

…cuz now the CBO says the government will also rake in $643 billion in new taxes.

May be a good time to call a Congressman, or Senator, to voice your displeasure.

And, hey, just spit-ballin’ here…suggest doing away with the CBO.

The rabid nature of anti-Palin demonizers exposes who they fear most

Didn’t take long for the feeding frenzy to start…soon as they read our earlier blog on how the GOP attacks one of their own, defenders of such idiocy start raging.

BCP won’t link to yet another pundit rant on a conservative site, choosing instead to counter their arguments with a few observations on Sarah Palin’s Summit speech.

In plain language, Sarah Palin spoke of

  • Supporting the U.S. Military, and how the Left demonizes our soldiers;
  • Media Bias that overwhelmingly supports Left wing ideology;
  • A change in GOP Leadership to strengthen Conservative Values;
  • The critical need to protect our Freedoms;
  • The importance of a Stiff Spine in Republican ranks;
  • Why the GOP must Go On Offense to fight Alinskyite tactics;
  • The crucial need to focus on Achievements of GOP-Run States;
  • The urgency of explaining to Youth Voters there is nothing ‘free’ from a gov’t;
  • The vital nature of facing National Security Issues honestly and openly;
  • How America relies on a Strong Military;
  • The necessity of Opposing Amnesty to protect legal immigration and the middle class that will be hurt by such executive action;
  • Obeying an oath of office to Protect The U.S. Constitution, not trample it;
  • Fight against the Growing National Debt;
  • Engage in an Energy Policy that will benefit America;
  • Fighting to rebuild Household Income;
  • Halting the Overreach Of Government;
  • Stopping the continuing danger of Big Government growth;
  • Evaluating voting records to Hold Elected Politicians Accountable;
  • Reasserting the importance of Believing In America & Its Opportunity;
  • Resuscitating the American Dream;
  • Rising to the challenge of Conservative Principles and Values.

…in all, a marathon of over 21 issues within a record 40-minutes of elapsed time.

If that’s ‘rambling’, ‘bizarre’, ‘disjointed’, we believe America needs more of it. And, if it’s true that ‘they always attack those they fear most’

…Governor Sarah Palin seems to be their worst nightmare.

Bread-breaking with the Brotherhood, ball-breaking with Israel?

Obama’s in a tizzy over Congress inviting Israel’s PM to speak on the Hill…

…but he’s okay with a White House hoe-down hosting the Muslim Brotherhood?

Claiming it hurts his Iran negotiations, Obama slams the Congress invite.

Angry that they see their Appeaser-in-Chief supposedly dissed, some on the Left are actually claiming it’s unconstitutional for the Congress to ask a foreign leader to speak with them, because that activity isn’t specifically accorded.

But the Constitution does specifically state Congress has the power “…to regulate Commerce with foreign nations”; can that be done without talking to those nations?

Furthermore, it mandates Congress is to “…make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.” Which further justifies talking with foreign nations.

‘ALL laws…for carrying into Execution…Powers…in the Government…’

(See Article I, section 8, clauses 3 and 18)

Bottom line? Congress is the direct representative of American citizens: it would be a huge disservice to those citizens if Congress didn’t do their job…constitutionally.

(Besides…we like the way this invitation enrages Liberals.)

Blowing smoke on the ‘benefits’ of amnesty

Pushing his amnesty concept, Obama’s team has begun releasing a state-by-state bullet-point list of benefits, starting with how an influx of illegals helps California.

Their claim? A stronger economy and a boost in productivity as 1.5 million new tax- payers add revenues to the state coffers and ‘contribute to the state’s economy’.

The problem?

Obama seems to have ignored the burden amnestied illegals will create, when they’re qualified to receive tax-funded entitlements (welfare, healthcare, etc).

And how does the state of California, with the third-highest unemployment in the Nation, plan to handle the task of finding or creating jobs for those amnestied?

It should come as no surprise that – once again – Americans are being deceived.

But, no worry, the state can just raise your taxes when the reality hits.

Selling the GOP to anti-GOP voters

Logic dictates that winning elections is key to gaining political advantage.

The challenge to Republicans has always been that, though they had the high ground in the arena of ideas, such advantage is lost on voters most reliant on government aid, and most susceptible to ‘fear of loss’ manipulation.

So, when a state population balance shifts to that demographic, the political advantage is gained by those most adept at playing on the needs of the entitlement-dependent…unethical, but highly effective.

Democrats are masters at manipulating the emotions necessary to get votes. And (for the most part) they have the mainstream media as a willing ally in that strategy.

That’s their strength. Their weakness is that everything they promise is based on deception, and, often, lies. Republicans need to be better at exposing the lie, in terms those who have been lied to will understand.

A perfect example of Democrat strategy is Obamacare: ‘if you like your plan you can keep it’, ‘bends the cost curve down’, ‘saves you thousands per year’, ‘not a tax’…

…all lies. The challenge then becomes articulating effectively to shift support.

When a politician promises to ‘help’ voters by taxing business, they fail to mention that business must pass on that cost by raising prices, in order to stay profitable.

And the politician never hesitates to blame the business when prices are raised.

It’s a win-win for Democrats…they get more tax dollars to hand out to cronies, and pit the business community against the voter by claiming ‘greed’ causes price hikes.

People don’t like being lied to, used, manipulated, or deceived. What Republicans need to do is effectively explain that it’s bad Democrat policy that causes higher prices, and not the ‘greedy profit motive’…expose the deceptions, and deceivers.

Put it in terms anyone would understand…

If you owned a business where taxes went up, would you choose to run it at a loss and pay higher taxes, or pass the costs of business on by raising your prices?

Ask minimum wage supporters: would you pay double for a cheeseburger or soft drink, so a burger-flipper can get paid more money?

Most importantly, the GOP should remember they don’t have to win everyone over… just enough of the opposition to make a difference in the elections.