Refusing to see the obvious

Reader John K. (coincidence?) invokes anti-Semitism as a legitimate reason for the removal of Israel from the Middle East…since their existence offends others.

But look what’s happening in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq…purely Muslim-on-Muslim violence. No one can assert ISIS is beheading Muslims because they’re Jewish.

Taking religion out of the equation, our earlier blog is more relevant than ever…why would anyone object to tolerance and freedom existing in the Middle East?

Only when ‘religion’ is added are anti-Israel players able to try justifying their views.

But, since when does intolerance beget tolerance?

Dr. Krauthammer has a new article discussing the possibility of the next Holocaust, if Iran is given the opportunity to finish developing a nuclear weapon.

Considering the last Holocaust, the need for such an article is a global disgrace.

The Jewish religion is not the cause of this relentless anti-Semitic unrest…

…INTOLERANCE of religion is the cause…

…stoked by despotic leaders of restive masses, whose nations have failed them.

For those narrow-minded souls who try to assuage the intolerance, remember this…

…that intolerant ‘Muslim lion’ will still be hungry after the last Jew is devoured.

Non-believer religions…it’s what’s for lunch.

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