The rabid nature of anti-Palin demonizers exposes who they fear most

Didn’t take long for the feeding frenzy to start…soon as they read our earlier blog on how the GOP attacks one of their own, defenders of such idiocy start raging.

BCP won’t link to yet another pundit rant on a conservative site, choosing instead to counter their arguments with a few observations on Sarah Palin’s Summit speech.

In plain language, Sarah Palin spoke of

  • Supporting the U.S. Military, and how the Left demonizes our soldiers;
  • Media Bias that overwhelmingly supports Left wing ideology;
  • A change in GOP Leadership to strengthen Conservative Values;
  • The critical need to protect our Freedoms;
  • The importance of a Stiff Spine in Republican ranks;
  • Why the GOP must Go On Offense to fight Alinskyite tactics;
  • The crucial need to focus on¬†Achievements¬†of GOP-Run States;
  • The urgency of explaining to Youth Voters there is nothing ‘free’ from a gov’t;
  • The vital nature of facing National Security Issues honestly and openly;
  • How America relies on a Strong Military;
  • The necessity of Opposing Amnesty to protect legal immigration and the middle class that will be hurt by such executive action;
  • Obeying an oath of office to Protect The U.S. Constitution, not trample it;
  • Fight against the Growing National Debt;
  • Engage in an Energy Policy that will benefit America;
  • Fighting to rebuild Household Income;
  • Halting the Overreach Of Government;
  • Stopping the continuing danger of Big Government growth;
  • Evaluating voting records to Hold Elected Politicians Accountable;
  • Reasserting the importance of Believing In America & Its Opportunity;
  • Resuscitating the American Dream;
  • Rising to the challenge of Conservative Principles and Values.

…in all, a marathon of over 21 issues within a record 40-minutes of elapsed time.

If that’s ‘rambling’, ‘bizarre’, ‘disjointed’, we believe America needs more of it. And, if it’s true that ‘they always attack those they fear most’

…Governor Sarah Palin seems to be their worst nightmare.

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