Blowing smoke on the ‘benefits’ of amnesty

Pushing his amnesty concept, Obama’s team has begun releasing a state-by-state bullet-point list of benefits, starting with how an influx of illegals helps California.

Their claim? A stronger economy and a boost in productivity as 1.5 million new tax- payers add revenues to the state coffers and ‘contribute to the state’s economy’.

The problem?

Obama seems to have ignored the burden amnestied illegals will create, when they’re qualified to receive tax-funded entitlements (welfare, healthcare, etc).

And how does the state of California, with the third-highest unemployment in the Nation, plan to handle the task of finding or creating jobs for those amnestied?

It should come as no surprise that – once again – Americans are being deceived.

But, no worry, the state can just raise your taxes when the reality hits.

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