This is how STUPID Obama thinks voters are…

Warnings that 90 million+ Americans could lose their employer-provided health plans throughout the next year (just before elections) prompts another illegal Obama act.

Although it’s part of the law that employers buy health plans on O’care exchanges now, Obama’s trying to dodge a 2014 election disaster, pushing the mandate past elections.

Exemptions, delays, waivers, illegal demands that insurers violate law…all to hide the fact that IF the O’care monster is ever unleashed, voters will show outrage at the polls.

Are voters REALLY as stupid as Obama and his team believe them to be?

A Thanksgiving message…and a few questions to consider…

BlueCollar extends a wish for all to have a Happy Thanksgiving.

And, poses a few questions to ponder, during the haze of after-dinner bliss…

Reading yet one more article slapping Republicans for lousy messaging when it comes to the support of Conservatism… or the dangers of Liberalism… a dichotomy emerges.

Is the GOP’s truthful message that bad…or are the Democrats’ lies that good?

First, with hardships of Obamacare hitting many Americans already, it’s extremely ironic to believe a senior writer – complaining about GOP messaging – would title an article “Be Thankful For…Obamacare”. Maybe this sums up why GOP messaging fails?

Then there’s the Conservative message, which centers on personal responsibility. The Democrat message is all about ‘letting the gov’t do that for you’. Many buy that hope.

And don’t forget the forces arrayed against Conservatives, which include the media.

False hopes + non-accountability + mainstream media allies = a steep GOP climb…

The tide is turning…Obama’s lies have caught up to him…Americans are awakening.

This Thanksgiving, if you take a moment from family to think politics, would it be too much to include a silent prayer, that voters will finally rebel against Democrat lies?

Ignoring the ‘160-lb Liar’ in the room…

Juan Williams bleeds everyone’s heart with an article about the GOP’s refusal to bring immigration reform to a vote in the House, and how it will haunt Republicans.

Beyond Williams’s HUGE Liberal bias, lies an obvious question conveniently ignored.

Considering Obama’s lawless acts refusing to enforce laws he doesn’t like (e.g., his refusal to enforce current deportation law), and his continuous lies concerning just about everything else, from Obamacare to Green Energy to Benghazi…

…why vote on an immigration bill that’s predicated on his promises to enforce borders?

Obama’s lies are intentional; he really doesn’t want the GOP to trust him. Then, when they refuse to consider legislation because of the 160-lb liar in the room, the GOP can be painted as obstructionists, anti-this and anti-that, by the Liars Club…Democrats.

The Socratic principle of debate requires intelligence, candor (honesty), and good will by both sides…sadly, Obama and his Democrat cohort are lacking in these areas.

Obama’s poll numbers reveal Americans distrust him. The GOP should drive that point home in every discussion…how can you deal with a liar who dishonors the law?

On this, we predict Juan Williams will continue to remain silent.

More importantly, though, Obama’s lies, fraud, and illegalities destabilize the Rule of Law in the United States of America, and on that basis, justify his impeachment.

Of course, that’s just one humble opinion…

Israel exposes Kerry, Obama for the fools they are…

Gun Control…Nuke Control…it’s all the same to these guys.

John Kerry demanded that critics of Obama’s Iran deal must give reasons.

Israel’s incredulity must have been obvious when they asked……you mean besides…

 …”UN Security Council resolutions 1696, 1737, 174718031835, and 1929, all of which demand that Iran suspend all nuclear enrichment…”? (But Iran has ignored.)

As with ‘gun control’, this administration refuses to acknowledge the obvious…

creating more law to curb those who break laws with impunity is a Fool’s Errand.

Israel should demand Kerry & Obama explain how yet another law solves the problem of a terrorist-enabling nation like Iran bent on securing nuclear power…

when at least 6 previous Security Council resolutions failed to do so…!

OMG – Are we witnessing a ‘spirited’ enrollment…?

Don’t panic – the ghostly stench of dead fish isn’t your imagination…

…that ‘106k’ figure Obama’s team came up with for O’care enrollments smells.

Seems they counted a lot of people who ‘selected’ a plan…but haven’t paid yet.

If that’s not a formula for ‘ghost enrollments’, we don’t know what is…

Until a plan is actually paid for, it would be easy to inflate enrollee numbers, since doing so would never be recognized if payment is never made!

First we had fake Obama Twitter-&-Facebook-followers, and of course, who can forget the fake unemployment numbers put out by Obama’s team just before election time?

And, it’s no surprise really…a lot of dead people have successfully voted for Democrats over the years…why expect any less for their Obamacare travesty?

Dead…fake…all the same…a distinction without a difference, wouldn’t you agree?

After all, in the end, Obama’s just following a long-standing Democrat tradition.

With that groundwork laid, you can expect the ‘spirited enrollee’ numbers to expand significantly over the next 11 months (and you can also expect the HHS to stonewall attempts to get any actual ‘payment’ numbers from the administration)…pre-election.

(FYI – a BCP blog of Oct 21 discussed/predicted the potential of fake enrollees

…it’s SO hard to be humble.)

Rush channels BlueCollar on Democrats’ nuking filibuster move

This morning, Rush Limbaugh channeled the BlueCollar Perspective.

Yesterday, BCP stated Senate Democrats were eliminating the centuries-old filibuster tradition, to make sure Obama can stack the deck with his nominations, pre-election.

Democrats expect an anti-O’care backlash in Nov 2014…pushing through presidential nominees with a simple majority vote pre-election will insulate Liberal ideology and make it that much more difficult for a Republican Congress to repeal bad law.

We saw it, and branded the Democrat move for what it was…now Rush confirms it.

Strap in – Expect more nasty Harry Reid/Democrat deeds before Nov. ’14.

It’s gettin’ ugly…and it’s gonna get worse…

In a sign that Senate Democrats see the 2014 election hand-writing on the wall, Harry Reid and his boys have signaled that it’s gonna be a nasty, cold, ‘nuclear’ winter.

Today they eliminated a centuries-old filibuster tradition for presidential nominees.

That tradition, which Democrats claimed as ‘sacred’ just a few years ago (when they were in the minority in the Senate), protected against a ‘tyranny of the majority’.

Now Harry Reid and his Democrat cohort visit that tyranny on the Republicans, and BCP predicts it will only get worse over the next 12 months before elections.

Our guess…they know there’s going to be hell to pay Nov-2014…they can’t stop it…so they want to stack the deck in their favor in as many different areas of gov’t as possible.

If this latest act by Senate Democrats doesn’t motivate Speaker Boehner, what will?

In Your Face…RNC’s Priebus shows Republicans how it’s done…

You may not figure out how to pronounce his name, but you’ve gotta love his nerve…

Reince Priebus is the Republican National Committee chairman. And he’s come up with a great idea for the Democrats who boldly proclaim they’re proud of Obamacare…

…he’s hosting a press conference today…for Senate & House Democrats.

In a beautiful ‘in your face’ move, Republican Priebus invites the Democrats to a “we’re running on Obamacare” presser…and even offers them photo-ops with banners stating they’re “eager and proud to run on Obamacare in 2014.”

A BlueCollar prediction…Priebus will be a lonely man at that press conference today.


If consequences are so dire, why doesn’t the House GOP act?

“Obamacare is destroying the most effective healthcare system in the world.”

“Obama lies…Tens of millions of Americans will lose the ‘plans they like’.”

“Insurance companies will collapse…the American economy is taking a huge hit.”

Death Panels will ration treatment…if you’re older, they’ll just give you a pill…”

You name it, every warning of Armageddon has been issued by Republican leaders.

If these drastic scenarios are true, the GOP would be derelict not to act if there were a way to stop these apocalyptic prophecies from occurring.

There is a way. Repeal. Ironically, those who created the Obamacare monster have also given Republicans the ammunition necessary to KILL that monster.

With their lies, Obama and Senate Democrats have painted a target on its back.

Their lies (and conspiratorial silence) created a fraud, which is a felony. Congressmen can be arrested for felonies. Once arrested, Senate Democrats can be impeached by the House of Representatives, and that impeachment is tried in the Senate.

During the trial, those Democrat Senators cannot sit as judge or jury. At least 27 Senate Democrats told the same lie as Obama has spread over these last 3+ years.

If only those 27 Democrats are named for impeachment, the balance of power swings to the GOP in the Senate…but many other Democrats remained silent to the lies.

They knew that their colleagues had written language which would cancel health plans, and remaining silent to a fraud makes them just as guilty of the same felony.

Republicans can lock-n-load, and fire when ready. With an entire class of Senate Democrats impeached, repeal of Obamacare can be accomplished within months.

So, the House of Representatives has the power to initiate impeachment proceedings, Republicans have screamed apocalyptic warnings from the rooftops, yet they’ve done…

…nothing…? WHY? Impeachment clears the way to kill the monster!

As Jacopo said to Dantes in The Count of Monte Cristo…”How is this a bad plan?

Man up, Republicans…run with the big dogs, or stay UNDER the porch.