Ignoring the ‘160-lb Liar’ in the room…

Juan Williams bleeds everyone’s heart with an article about the GOP’s refusal to bring immigration reform to a vote in the House, and how it will haunt Republicans.

Beyond Williams’s HUGE Liberal bias, lies an obvious question conveniently ignored.

Considering Obama’s lawless acts refusing to enforce laws he doesn’t like (e.g., his refusal to enforce current deportation law), and his continuous lies concerning just about everything else, from Obamacare to Green Energy to Benghazi…

…why vote on an immigration bill that’s predicated on his promises to enforce borders?

Obama’s lies are intentional; he really doesn’t want the GOP to trust him. Then, when they refuse to consider legislation because of the 160-lb liar in the room, the GOP can be painted as obstructionists, anti-this and anti-that, by the Liars Club…Democrats.

The Socratic principle of debate requires intelligence, candor (honesty), and good will by both sides…sadly, Obama and his Democrat cohort are lacking in these areas.

Obama’s poll numbers reveal Americans distrust him. The GOP should drive that point home in every discussion…how can you deal with a liar who dishonors the law?

On this, we predict Juan Williams will continue to remain silent.

More importantly, though, Obama’s lies, fraud, and illegalities destabilize the Rule of Law in the United States of America, and on that basis, justify his impeachment.

Of course, that’s just one humble opinion…

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