OMG – Are we witnessing a ‘spirited’ enrollment…?

Don’t panic – the ghostly stench of dead fish isn’t your imagination…

…that ‘106k’ figure Obama’s team came up with for O’care enrollments smells.

Seems they counted a lot of people who ‘selected’ a plan…but haven’t paid yet.

If that’s not a formula for ‘ghost enrollments’, we don’t know what is…

Until a plan is actually paid for, it would be easy to inflate enrollee numbers, since doing so would never be recognized if payment is never made!

First we had fake Obama Twitter-&-Facebook-followers, and of course, who can forget the fake unemployment numbers put out by Obama’s team just before election time?

And, it’s no surprise really…a lot of dead people have successfully voted for Democrats over the years…why expect any less for their Obamacare travesty?

Dead…fake…all the same…a distinction without a difference, wouldn’t you agree?

After all, in the end, Obama’s just following a long-standing Democrat tradition.

With that groundwork laid, you can expect the ‘spirited enrollee’ numbers to expand significantly over the next 11 months (and you can also expect the HHS to stonewall attempts to get any actual ‘payment’ numbers from the administration)…pre-election.

(FYI – a BCP blog of Oct 21 discussed/predicted the potential of fake enrollees

…it’s SO hard to be humble.)

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