If consequences are so dire, why doesn’t the House GOP act?

“Obamacare is destroying the most effective healthcare system in the world.”

“Obama lies…Tens of millions of Americans will lose the ‘plans they like’.”

“Insurance companies will collapse…the American economy is taking a huge hit.”

Death Panels will ration treatment…if you’re older, they’ll just give you a pill…”

You name it, every warning of Armageddon has been issued by Republican leaders.

If these drastic scenarios are true, the GOP would be derelict not to act if there were a way to stop these apocalyptic prophecies from occurring.

There is a way. Repeal. Ironically, those who created the Obamacare monster have also given Republicans the ammunition necessary to KILL that monster.

With their lies, Obama and Senate Democrats have painted a target on its back.

Their lies (and conspiratorial silence) created a fraud, which is a felony. Congressmen can be arrested for felonies. Once arrested, Senate Democrats can be impeached by the House of Representatives, and that impeachment is tried in the Senate.

During the trial, those Democrat Senators cannot sit as judge or jury. At least 27 Senate Democrats told the same lie as Obama has spread over these last 3+ years.

If only those 27 Democrats are named for impeachment, the balance of power swings to the GOP in the Senate…but many other Democrats remained silent to the lies.

They knew that their colleagues had written language which would cancel health plans, and remaining silent to a fraud makes them just as guilty of the same felony.

Republicans can lock-n-load, and fire when ready. With an entire class of Senate Democrats impeached, repeal of Obamacare can be accomplished within months.

So, the House of Representatives has the power to initiate impeachment proceedings, Republicans have screamed apocalyptic warnings from the rooftops, yet they’ve done…

…nothing…? WHY? Impeachment clears the way to kill the monster!

As Jacopo said to Dantes in The Count of Monte Cristo…”How is this a bad plan?

Man up, Republicans…run with the big dogs, or stay UNDER the porch.

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