Imagine the chaos if 30 House Democrats earn impeachment wrath

The arrest of an IT aide to over 30 House Democrats has brought into sharp focus the fact the aide and his family members possibly blackmailed congressional employers.

They were being paid over 3x the going rate, and Imran Awan was retained long past when any other staffer would have been unceremoniously dismissed…and shunned.

It’s reported the Pakistani clan had access to their congressional employers’ email, and the classified information that would have been communicated in their daily routine.

DNC chair Wasserman-Schultz’s aide had her passwords, meaning complete access, and her actions during the last several months have been, shall we say, unusual.

If House Democrats jeopardized national security through being blackmailed, calls for their impeachment would not be considered an unfair concept to pay for such a failure.

Unlike unsubstantiated calls for Trump’s impeachment, where no cause exists…

…if reports of impropriety are correct, their impeachment would be provably deserved.

How long can the Sham-stream media keep this scandal quiet?

(We’re just supremely thankful the investigation isn’t spearheaded by James Comey.)

Why report a REAL scandal when bashing Trump is so much fun?

Peruse the Liberal online news sites, and you wouldn’t know Democrats have the only real security breach scandal going on at the present time, within the halls of Congress.

Wasserman-Schultz and 20-30 other Democrat congressmen employed a family of Pakistanis that were paid 3x-4x the average payscale, while running ripoffs galore.

No one’s explained how they gained such jobs…or access to classified data. 

Rumor has it widespread blackmail of congressmen ensured those high-paying jobs.

But maybe it’s not a media coverup; maybe it’s seen as Democrat business as usual…

…and therefore, not considered ‘news’.

Politicians won’t take down O’care until Trump takes down big-$$ donor insurers

Money drives politics. Politicians thrive on big-money donations that pay for advertising and messaging, which gets them name recognition…and the votes to get them in office.

Obamacare provides tens of billions of dollars to insurance companies, in subsidies and forced ‘participation’ in buying plans, driving up premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

No politician – taking cash and in-kind donation$ from insurance companies  will vote to kill a CASH-COW system that guarantees insurance companies their big bucks.

Because, by doing so, politicians would lose the huge cash infusion from those donors.

The solution? An executive pen…

By executive action, President Trump can stop the money flowing to insurers, and kill the mandate that forces purchasing, which turns off the cash spigot they’ve enjoyed.

Making Obamacare toxic to insurers eliminates the fear politicians have to repeal it.

AG Sessions should appoint a parallel team to keep Mueller’s team honest

The old saying goes that, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Non-partisan qualifications don’t seem to be a high priority for special counsel Mueller, so joining the team is out…but the DoJ can do the next best thing – monitor them.

Jeff Sessions should appoint a parallel team to keep Mueller and his Democrat cohort honest during this process…because there’s no law against setting up a mirror probe.

Special counsel Mueller’s a good friend to the fired Comey, and he’s surrounded himself with Democrat-allied lawyers, which does ZERO to allay conflict-of-interest implications.

The existing counter-intel probe is looking at potential ‘Russian’ interference, but a new counter-intelligence investigation searching for DNC aide collusion sure is justified.

Set it up immediately, and task Mueller’s team with coordinating efforts…and please, try to keep the new team a little more ‘non-partisan’…i.e….no Democrat-leaning lawyers.

(And, we recommend it be done BEFORE just-seized DNC hard-drives get inspected.)

With Mueller’s Clintonistas inspecting DNC hard-drives, what could go wrong?

The FIX is in.

Those who wonder aloud why special counsel Mueller surrounded himself with a cadre of Democrat allies can stop wondering – who better to obscure DNC malfeasance?

Here’s the Washington Times headline that will clear it up “With Mueller investigation, FBI gets chance to physically inspect ‘hacked’ DNC computers”

The only question that remains?

Will ‘the FBI’ do the physical inspection…

…or special counsel Mueller’s Democrat sympathizers…errr…team members?

We’ve maintained from the beginning that the DNC emails were leaked from the inside, and the ‘hacking’ and Russia-collusion talk was a cover-up to smear a GOP president.

Democrats have been positioned along the way, deep-state and otherwise, to preserve a cover-up…unless the FBI is careful, DNC hard-drives will go down the memory hole.

It’s BEYOND time that Mueller be given strict parameters on how he proceeds.

Prosecuting Hillary doesn’t ‘criminalize politics’…SHE criminalized politics

Those condemning the prosecution of lawbreakers because they happen to be political opponents at a certain point in time miss the point…THEY’RE LAWBREAKERS!

Dr. Krauthammer swoons over the idea of Trump ‘criminalizing politics’ by re-opening Hillary’s investigation, ignoring that, by her felonious acts, she did that already.

With all due respect, Dr. Krauthammer…Hillary broke the law YEARS BEFORE Donald Trump became a political opponent, AND while in public office as secretary of state.

Bit even then, who cares when it happens?

What logic gives license to political opponents to act unlawfully? 

Where Rule of Law is respected, ‘who’ one is when they break the law shouldn’t lessen the offense. In fact, an abuse of trust by elected officials should carry extra penalties.

Did Hillary Clinton violate federal law by setting up a personal server for official use?


Did Hillary Clinton mishandle classified information as a result?


Did Hillary Clinton violate federal law by deleting potentially official documents?


Did Hillary Clinton jeopardize national security by her actions?


Would any other private citizen be prosecuted for such activities?


Does it make sense to give lawbreakers a pass because they ran for political office?


Dodgy Democrat/DNC aides were known…yet media wastes credibility trying to implicate Trump?

As more details emerge from what’s left of honest media, it seems obvious Democrats and their media masters knew the source of pre-election leaked DNC emails.

So, all the while they’ve been casting aspersions on Pres Trump and his campaign staff, looks like the real culprits will be revealed as their own Democrat and DNC aides.

(Of course, it doesn’t fit the anti-Trump narrative, so that detail’s…uhhh…overlooked.)

Imran Awan, a busted Democrat aide trying to flee the country days ago, had the DNC head’s password, and thus access to her email, and other Democrat email in the loop.

And isn’t it convenient about the question of collusion, when it’s reported that…

“The substantial scandal has raised questions about who may have been passed data which the Awans had access to, given Pakistan’s history of collaborating with a number of foreign countries that have demonstrated past willingness to influence U.S. politics.”

It was suggested DNC aide Seth Rich (subsequently murdered) passed DNC emails to WikiLeaks, but Capitol Police may want to look at Awan-&-co, not only for passing (or selling) the emails, but for killing Rich…who may have witnessed their illicit act.

(As reported, classified info of House committee origin was found on Hillary’s private server…it doesn’t take too much of an effort to see, now, how that could be possible.)

This unraveling story may just be the tip of an iceberg that could explain the Democrats’ and FakeNews media scramble to do everything…anything…to pin this on Mr. Trump.

So, if AG Sessions keeps Mueller on the counter-intelligence investigation …

…with this Awan bust there’s a WHOLE NEW trail for him to follow…

…and Democrats/media may yet rue the day they tried smearing this President.

An Unholy Swamp-Trinity…Fake-News Media+Democrats+Foreign Agents

Isn’t it odd how the media floods the news cycle over no-evidence anti-Trump issues…

…yet, maintain news blackouts over a HUGE Democrat security breach in Congress?

The Daily Caller has a library of stories, dating back months. Seems a foreign family may have been holding numerous Democrat congressmen hostage by blackmail while they enjoyed lucrative IT (information technology) positions within the halls of Congress.

They had access to email accounts and data of the DNC, assorted Democrat members in Congress, plus their House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committee members…

…AND including any and all highly sensitive inter-party committee communications.

But you wouldn’t know it by watching the Fake-News media. They’re too busy pushing a non-story about a non-crime against a GOP president they want to destroy.

Which begs the question:

Exactly how long has the Fake-News Media been serving foreign agents?

(And wouldn’t it just be karma, if it turns out these law-dodging DNC aides were the ones providing emails to and colluding with the Russians during the ’16 campaign?)

Table’s been set, now time for the President to serve the main course

Democrats and media are now solidly lined up behind Sessions, a result of Presidential tweets calling him out (being anti-‘anything’-Trump, they think they’ve got him now).

It’s time for Mr. Trump to spring the trap: insist his AG follow federal regs, acknowledge no criminal investigation is involved, and Sessions must amend his recusal accordingly.

Andy McCarthy has laid out a great roadmap to this end.

BCP is convinced the Media-master-in-Chief has gamed the Fake-News crowd, and if our analysis is solid, he’s ready to drop the hammer to play on this Democrat hypocrisy.

After all, if their sudden support of Jeff Sessions as ‘being his own man’ is genuine, they should have NO trouble supporting him in choosing to follow federal regulations, right?

And, as McCarthy points out, if there’s no criminal investigation, there’s no justifying the appointment of a special counsel and of course, then…no need to recuse as the AG.

The attorney general’s position is golden: the counter-intelligence probe has been going on for a year, Mueller’s been involved since March…and no crime has been found.

It’s time to move on, time to comply with the Rule of Law…and federal regulations.

Our take?

Trump set the table for his AG to maximum benefit; Democrats and media are at that table toasting Sessions for his independence, but dinner is not what they’re expecting.

They thought they’d be dining on T’rump’-steak…but it’s thin soup and crow.

If our analysis is correct, there’s only one thing to say…

…well served, Mr. President.