An Unholy Swamp-Trinity…Fake-News Media+Democrats+Foreign Agents

Isn’t it odd how the media floods the news cycle over no-evidence anti-Trump issues…

…yet, maintain news blackouts over a HUGE Democrat security breach in Congress?

The Daily Caller has a library of stories, dating back months. Seems a foreign family may have been holding numerous Democrat congressmen hostage by blackmail while they enjoyed lucrative IT (information technology) positions within the halls of Congress.

They had access to email accounts and data of the DNC, assorted Democrat members in Congress, plus their House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committee members…

…AND including any and all highly sensitive inter-party committee communications.

But you wouldn’t know it by watching the Fake-News media. They’re too busy pushing a non-story about a non-crime against a GOP president they want to destroy.

Which begs the question:

Exactly how long has the Fake-News Media been serving foreign agents?

(And wouldn’t it just be karma, if it turns out these law-dodging DNC aides were the ones providing emails to and colluding with the Russians during the ’16 campaign?)

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