Table’s been set, now time for the President to serve the main course

Democrats and media are now solidly lined up behind Sessions, a result of Presidential tweets calling him out (being anti-‘anything’-Trump, they think they’ve got him now).

It’s time for Mr. Trump to spring the trap: insist his AG follow federal regs, acknowledge no criminal investigation is involved, and Sessions must amend his recusal accordingly.

Andy McCarthy has laid out a great roadmap to this end.

BCP is convinced the Media-master-in-Chief has gamed the Fake-News crowd, and if our analysis is solid, he’s ready to drop the hammer to play on this Democrat hypocrisy.

After all, if their sudden support of Jeff Sessions as ‘being his own man’ is genuine, they should have NO trouble supporting him in choosing to follow federal regulations, right?

And, as McCarthy points out, if there’s no criminal investigation, there’s no justifying the appointment of a special counsel and of course, then…no need to recuse as the AG.

The attorney general’s position is golden: the counter-intelligence probe has been going on for a year, Mueller’s been involved since March…and no crime has been found.

It’s time to move on, time to comply with the Rule of Law…and federal regulations.

Our take?

Trump set the table for his AG to maximum benefit; Democrats and media are at that table toasting Sessions for his independence, but dinner is not what they’re expecting.

They thought they’d be dining on T’rump’-steak…but it’s thin soup and crow.

If our analysis is correct, there’s only one thing to say…

…well served, Mr. President.

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