AG Sessions should appoint a parallel team to keep Mueller’s team honest

The old saying goes that, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Non-partisan qualifications don’t seem to be a high priority for special counsel Mueller, so joining the team is out…but the DoJ can do the next best thing – monitor them.

Jeff Sessions should appoint a parallel team to keep Mueller and his Democrat cohort honest during this process…because there’s no law against setting up a mirror probe.

Special counsel Mueller’s a good friend to the fired Comey, and he’s surrounded himself with Democrat-allied lawyers, which does ZERO to allay conflict-of-interest implications.

The existing counter-intel probe is looking at potential ‘Russian’ interference, but a new counter-intelligence investigation searching for DNC aide collusion sure is justified.

Set it up immediately, and task Mueller’s team with coordinating efforts…and please, try to keep the new team a little more ‘non-partisan’…i.e….no Democrat-leaning lawyers.

(And, we recommend it be done BEFORE just-seized DNC hard-drives get inspected.)

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