Politicians won’t take down O’care until Trump takes down big-$$ donor insurers

Money drives politics. Politicians thrive on big-money donations that pay for advertising and messaging, which gets them name recognition…and the votes to get them in office.

Obamacare provides tens of billions of dollars to insurance companies, in subsidies and forced ‘participation’ in buying plans, driving up premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

No politician – taking cash and in-kind donation$ from insurance companies  will vote to kill a CASH-COW system that guarantees insurance companies their big bucks.

Because, by doing so, politicians would lose the huge cash infusion from those donors.

The solution? An executive pen…

By executive action, President Trump can stop the money flowing to insurers, and kill the mandate that forces purchasing, which turns off the cash spigot they’ve enjoyed.

Making Obamacare toxic to insurers eliminates the fear politicians have to repeal it.

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