Imagine the chaos if 30 House Democrats earn impeachment wrath

The arrest of an IT aide to over 30 House Democrats has brought into sharp focus the fact the aide and his family members possibly blackmailed congressional employers.

They were being paid over 3x the going rate, and Imran Awan was retained long past when any other staffer would have been unceremoniously dismissed…and shunned.

It’s reported the Pakistani clan had access to their congressional employers’ email, and the classified information that would have been communicated in their daily routine.

DNC chair Wasserman-Schultz’s aide had her passwords, meaning complete access, and her actions during the last several months have been, shall we say, unusual.

If House Democrats jeopardized national security through being blackmailed, calls for their impeachment would not be considered an unfair concept to pay for such a failure.

Unlike unsubstantiated calls for Trump’s impeachment, where no cause exists…

…if reports of impropriety are correct, their impeachment would be provably deserved.

How long can the Sham-stream media keep this scandal quiet?

(We’re just supremely thankful the investigation isn’t spearheaded by James Comey.)

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