Prosecuting Hillary doesn’t ‘criminalize politics’…SHE criminalized politics

Those condemning the prosecution of lawbreakers because they happen to be political opponents at a certain point in time miss the point…THEY’RE LAWBREAKERS!

Dr. Krauthammer swoons over the idea of Trump ‘criminalizing politics’ by re-opening Hillary’s investigation, ignoring that, by her felonious acts, she did that already.

With all due respect, Dr. Krauthammer…Hillary broke the law YEARS BEFORE Donald Trump became a political opponent, AND while in public office as secretary of state.

Bit even then, who cares when it happens?

What logic gives license to political opponents to act unlawfully? 

Where Rule of Law is respected, ‘who’ one is when they break the law shouldn’t lessen the offense. In fact, an abuse of trust by elected officials should carry extra penalties.

Did Hillary Clinton violate federal law by setting up a personal server for official use?


Did Hillary Clinton mishandle classified information as a result?


Did Hillary Clinton violate federal law by deleting potentially official documents?


Did Hillary Clinton jeopardize national security by her actions?


Would any other private citizen be prosecuted for such activities?


Does it make sense to give lawbreakers a pass because they ran for political office?


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