The GOP desperately needs a ‘William Wallace’…

If anyone needs an example of why Republicans fail, look no further.

An article written about a leadership implosion within a conservative ‘grassroots organization’ provides all you need to know about what’s wrong with the GOP.

Writ large, we’re told of a garrulous Texas ex-Congressman and a cancer-survivor free-marketeer who had dedicated his life to small-government principles, joining forces.

But soon, it all boils down to power and money, multi-million dollar book deals and TV guest appearances, back-stabbing, manipulation…you’d think it was about Democrats.

Many are tired of self-dealing aristocrat elitists in our midst. When we see the ideals of something noble and right given a backseat to pursuit of power & money…by the very people we think fight for us…it takes the heart out of many who would join the fight.

In Braveheart, the Scottish people amassed an army to fight against the tyranny of an English king, but lose their resolve when it appears their leadership ‘nobles’ will use the moment to get for themselves more land and favor…from the very tyrant they ‘oppose’.

William Wallace appears, and rallies the faltering masses, with freedom’s ringing cry.

You’d think, with the billions of dollars many in the GOP possess…

…somewhere in the Republican ranks, they could find just one Wallace.

Sadly, it looks like – at every turn – we’re stuck with Scottish nobles.

O’, sweet irony…

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that parts of the ’65 Voting Rights Act are no longer relevant…and the Left is descending into apoplectic outrage.

Specifically, states can’t be judged by pre-1965 discriminatory acts to suppress voting.

Talk about irony; southern Democrats created those acts to stop blacks from voting!

Now that southern states have become reliably Republican over these last 48 years, voting rights are strictly enforced. The Court recognized this in their ruling.

So, pre-1965, the Democrat-controlled south suppressed the black vote, laws were enacted to stop that disgrace, which are no longer needed (thanks to the GOP)…

…and NOW Democrats are outraged…?!?

Think the media will point that out?

We doubt it.

BlueCollar Perspective…Marco Rubio being played by Democrats

Nobody does TV cameras like Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer.

So, when Senator Sound-byte willingly fades to the back and lets Republican Senator Marco Rubio come front & center in the Gang of 8, you know there’s a hidden agenda.

There are several dirty little secrets involving illegal immigration: America’s Hispanic community doesn’t support a pathway to citizenship, and supports strong borders.

And a final clue – no Democrat wants to help Republicans win more Hispanic votes.

Senator Rubio is being played, coated in immigration radioactivity that will drive away the conservative voter in 2016…and that’s why Schumer is smiling in the background.

His Democrats get a twofer…irradiating Rubio, and demoralizing the conservative base.

NSA snooping ok? Obviously Miss Alabama wasn’t at the Boston Marathon…

During the Miss USA pageant, the contestant from Alabama was asked how she feels about the NSA phone-call and email snooping controversy.

She said since its for the security of all Americans, it’s okay with her.

Guess she hasn’t heard of the Fort Hood shooting, or the Boston Marathon bombing.

In both atrocities, numerous emails and international cell calls pointed the way.

It wouldn’t take going too far out on a limb to say the NSA dropped the ball…twice.

And don’t even get us started on faulty shoe bombs over the Atlantic, failed car bombs in New York City, and jinxed underwear bombs over Detroit.

It wasn’t a competent NSA who kept us safe then… it was incompetent terrorists!

Could someone please clue in Miss Alabama?

Low-info Obama supporters ‘essential’ to White House, aide admits…

Only willing to speak with anonymity and on background, her admission is troubling.

Troubling for ‘The One’, who’d be the last to admit he needs ‘stupid’ to push his agenda.

(Fortunately for him, he has media lapdogs to suppress that disclosure.)

Troubling for Democrats in general, who aren’t eager to show that Rush Limbaugh’s theories about ‘low-information’ voters…or the Limbaugh Theorem… are legitimized.

And, troubling for those opposed to this administration’s policies, when it confirms that their beloved America is going down this socialist path, because of a ‘moron’ vote.

But, we’re sure Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are sleeping untroubled…

…after all, they know the secret to their success is that Low-Info means Oblivious.

So, the stupidity in their district and state will most likely continue…unabated.

Between a Lie and a Stonewall…is a ‘disinformation campaign’ the answer?

The national question isn’t why the need for meta-data gathering programs.

It’s about Who will use them, and How they’ll be used. ‘Trust me’ isn’t an answer.

(Trust? From the ‘it-was-a-video’, ‘don’t appoint IG’s and they can’t catch us’ crowd?)

The same administration that gave Black Panther voter-intimidation a free pass, sent arms to Mexican drug-cartels in a Fast-&-Furious program that took American lives…  but wouldn’t send help to Benghazi to save American lives (then lied about a video…

…for weeks). No straight answers as to the ‘why’ in any of this, just stonewalls and lies.

So who can be blamed for cynicism or disbelief, regarding how Americans’ personal cell call and email communications data will be used…or who will be using it?

Especially when politicians in Obama’s own party brag about the huge database he’s gathering, filled with ‘…information about everything, on every individual…’?

Coincidence? We doubt it…consider BlueCollar among the Disbelievers.

Obama and/or his willing troglodytes are compiling personal data…coin of the realm for once-and-future politicians…and (judging by the last 5 years) little will be done about it.

The media won’t hold him accountable. Nor will industry leaders or Party capos.

If our personal communication data is Constitutionally protected; if the US Government is not allowed to use the NSA against Americans; and, if phone and internet companies already store the day-to-day call and email communications anyway

…other than political, what reason is there for this administration to have the data also?

If it’s not legal, but they’re left unaccountable, is disinformation overload the answer?

Wouldn’t overwhelming an illegal data-mining operation with emails and cell calls to HIS party worker bees and loyalists…muddying the waters, so to speak…be within the bounds of acceptable political opposition under such conditions?

Rush Limbaugh had Operation Chaos…one could call this disinformation campaign…

…Operation QuietRiot. Why ignore those ‘Organizing for America’ emails? Hit ‘reply’…

…put those ‘unused monthly minutes’ and ‘unlimited free emails’ to good use.

(What’s the harm? They claim they’re not using Americans’ personal data – just ‘storing’ it. Your actions simply put all his OFA worker-trolls into frenzied activity,…it’s not as if federal agencies or federal workers are involved, right? THAT would be illegal!)

So, Operation QuietRiot should be okay, under those circumstances.

Reach out and touch the Liberals in your midst…the Party you save could be your own!

OMG! Congressional Democrat enablers of Obamacare panicked…they have to be in the plan too!

You REALLY can’t make this stuff up…

As reported by Politico, Democrat lawmakers and aides are panicked that THEIR health insurance costs will ‘skyrocket’ soon because of the 2010 law THEY rammed through.

Many plan to retire early, so they can KEEP their existing plan…or quit entirely, so they can find private sector jobs that pay better and offer lower-cost healthcare solutions.

Liberal-leaning Politico notes, presumably, with a straight face (…or is it a straight font?) there’s growing fear that a mass retirement/quit scenario could lead to a…wait for it…

brain drain on Capitol Hill!

Got that? The panicking ‘brains’, that forced Obamacare on all, may drain out of DC!

More ironic, a Democrat Connecticut congressman (in leadership when the bill was jammed through) is on record saying that inflicting Obamacare on federal employees…

“…is simply not fair…”.

So, it’s okay for the rest of America…but just ‘not fair’ to force on federal workers…

…who forced it on the rest of America!

Being totally opposed to Obamacare, BlueCollar finds itself on the horns of a dilemma…

…demanding it’s repeal (House & Senate links) helps the majority of Americans…

…but it is fun to watch Democ’rat’ lawmakers and aides jump the Obamacare ship.

Brain drain?

Real thinkers would see Democrats bailing out as a ‘Pain’ Drain…!