The GOP desperately needs a ‘William Wallace’…

If anyone needs an example of why Republicans fail, look no further.

An article written about a leadership implosion within a conservative ‘grassroots organization’ provides all you need to know about what’s wrong with the GOP.

Writ large, we’re told of a garrulous Texas ex-Congressman and a cancer-survivor free-marketeer who had dedicated his life to small-government principles, joining forces.

But soon, it all boils down to power and money, multi-million dollar book deals and TV guest appearances, back-stabbing, manipulation…you’d think it was about Democrats.

Many are tired of self-dealing aristocrat elitists in our midst. When we see the ideals of something noble and right given a backseat to pursuit of power & money…by the very people we think fight for us…it takes the heart out of many who would join the fight.

In Braveheart, the Scottish people amassed an army to fight against the tyranny of an English king, but lose their resolve when it appears their leadership ‘nobles’ will use the moment to get for themselves more land and favor…from the very tyrant they ‘oppose’.

William Wallace appears, and rallies the faltering masses, with freedom’s ringing cry.

You’d think, with the billions of dollars many in the GOP possess…

…somewhere in the Republican ranks, they could find just one Wallace.

Sadly, it looks like – at every turn – we’re stuck with Scottish nobles.

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