Low-info Obama supporters ‘essential’ to White House, aide admits…

Only willing to speak with anonymity and on background, her admission is troubling.

Troubling for ‘The One’, who’d be the last to admit he needs ‘stupid’ to push his agenda.

(Fortunately for him, he has media lapdogs to suppress that disclosure.)

Troubling for Democrats in general, who aren’t eager to show that Rush Limbaugh’s theories about ‘low-information’ voters…or the Limbaugh Theorem… are legitimized.

And, troubling for those opposed to this administration’s policies, when it confirms that their beloved America is going down this socialist path, because of a ‘moron’ vote.

But, we’re sure Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are sleeping untroubled…

…after all, they know the secret to their success is that Low-Info means Oblivious.

So, the stupidity in their district and state will most likely continue…unabated.

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