Between a Lie and a Stonewall…is a ‘disinformation campaign’ the answer?

The national question isn’t why the need for meta-data gathering programs.

It’s about Who will use them, and How they’ll be used. ‘Trust me’ isn’t an answer.

(Trust? From the ‘it-was-a-video’, ‘don’t appoint IG’s and they can’t catch us’ crowd?)

The same administration that gave Black Panther voter-intimidation a free pass, sent arms to Mexican drug-cartels in a Fast-&-Furious program that took American lives…  but wouldn’t send help to Benghazi to save American lives (then lied about a video…

…for weeks). No straight answers as to the ‘why’ in any of this, just stonewalls and lies.

So who can be blamed for cynicism or disbelief, regarding how Americans’ personal cell call and email communications data will be used…or who will be using it?

Especially when politicians in Obama’s own party brag about the huge database he’s gathering, filled with ‘…information about everything, on every individual…’?

Coincidence? We doubt it…consider BlueCollar among the Disbelievers.

Obama and/or his willing troglodytes are compiling personal data…coin of the realm for once-and-future politicians…and (judging by the last 5 years) little will be done about it.

The media won’t hold him accountable. Nor will industry leaders or Party capos.

If our personal communication data is Constitutionally protected; if the US Government is not allowed to use the NSA against Americans; and, if phone and internet companies already store the day-to-day call and email communications anyway

…other than political, what reason is there for this administration to have the data also?

If it’s not legal, but they’re left unaccountable, is disinformation overload the answer?

Wouldn’t overwhelming an illegal data-mining operation with emails and cell calls to HIS party worker bees and loyalists…muddying the waters, so to speak…be within the bounds of acceptable political opposition under such conditions?

Rush Limbaugh had Operation Chaos…one could call this disinformation campaign…

…Operation QuietRiot. Why ignore those ‘Organizing for America’ emails? Hit ‘reply’…

…put those ‘unused monthly minutes’ and ‘unlimited free emails’ to good use.

(What’s the harm? They claim they’re not using Americans’ personal data – just ‘storing’ it. Your actions simply put all his OFA worker-trolls into frenzied activity,…it’s not as if federal agencies or federal workers are involved, right? THAT would be illegal!)

So, Operation QuietRiot should be okay, under those circumstances.

Reach out and touch the Liberals in your midst…the Party you save could be your own!

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