Scuffing the polish of aristocrats doesn’t get any better than this (Updated)

Does it strike anyone as odd, that today’s urbane statesman finds the vulgarity of President Trump more noxious than the suave sexual predation of Bill Clinton…

…or the sophisticated all-cops-are-black-killers sophistry of Barack Obama…

…or the refined pro-abortion glee of Hillary Clinton?

We’ve arrived at a sad moment in America when an establishment politician can’t comprehend the attraction of a blunt-spoken man compared to such political ‘icons’.

Read Victor Davis Hanson’s spot-on article about President Trump today…

…then, please explain how so many supposedly cultured elitists can be so…


Are we truly at a place where rape, race-baiting, and baby-killing…when conducted in a genteel manner…are more palatable than blunt language?

Judging by the daily rhetoric, a wide swath of elitists may live in that place…

…but judging by election results, 61.2 million Americans refuse to go there.

(UPDATED to reflect the Victor Davis Hanson article as ‘spot-on’. Some readers of this blog thought he was being included as an elitist in the ‘clueless’ category…and nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Hanson is, as always, devastatingly accurate in his analysis.)

Claiming an illegitimate winner helps Democrats hide that Hillary was a Legitimate LOSER

As Rush Limbaugh points out, all the ‘Russia-hacked-election’ nonsense is simply a continual and relentless effort to paint President Trump as illegitimate

…because the truth is, our 2-step election process (votes made, votes counted)…


So, the reality is Hillary Clinton, pushing bad policies and with all of her flaws…

…was a legitimate LOSER.

And that’s the problem Democrats need desperately to obscure.

So Democrats will do what they always do…take their problem (they lost, BADLY) and turn it 180 degrees against Republicans (by claiming ‘they won…badly’).

The Democrats have no choice: to hide failures they must keep trying to hamstring the GOP AND obscure the rejection of their candidate…and their policies.

In that regard, expect the attacks against President Trump to continue, unabated.

The Obamacare Swindle

As the rhetoric heats up, it’s time to turn the floodlights full on the Obamacare swindle…where billions were stripped from the Middle Class and sent to insurers.

And understand, as the above Forbes-linked article notes, the problems continue to worsen “AFTER and notwithstanding” all the diversions of funds to hide them.

And AFTER the lawlessness Obma’s team practiced to divert those funds.

AFTER the deceptive mishandling of billions.

IF the dust ever settles, the magnitude of this swindle will be breathtaking.

Then, while the deception continues under a Democrat guise of ‘healthcare for all’, one may begin to question why the hundreds of billions went to insurer fat-cats

…instead of directly to the people they claimed to be helping?

And the answer is simple.

Millions were donated by those fat-cats…to the Democrats funneling them money.

The easiest way to stop ‘fake-rage’ activist townhalls

Townhalls held by GOP congressmen are being taken over by paid activists, and it should be easy to stop it, using common-sense and Constitutional principles.

Insist on only constituent attendees, enforced by verifying addresses with resident identification. Why let out-of-precinct rabble-rousers spoil informative discussions?

And, finally, advise attendees unruly or disruptive behavior will result in detainment, and fines, for possible violations of free speech and ‘peaceful’ assembly of others.

It appears most townhalls are being hijacked by paid activists, so why not make it unprofitable for agitators to act up? After all, everyone deserves representation.

And such behavior negates others the opportunity to exercise their constitutional right to assemble and be heard…not that hard to put across as an argument.

It’s past time for the GOP to man up, and defend the rights of their constituents.

Donald…and Goliath

President Trump took the fake-news media to the woodshed yesterday, excoriating the deceitful level of animosity directed towards his administration.

He’s doubling down, and the only question is how the forces arrayed against him will continue their attacks…and they WILL continue.

‘Goliath’ is not just media…it’s Democrats, their embedded agency partisans, and sadly, some establishment Republicans as well.

Behind the President are the American people who elected him. It’s a grim task, and there will be blood.

We can only hope it will be the blood of the ‘business-as-usual’ crowd.

Why do approval polls include the opposition party?

An article in Investor’s Business Daily generated interest in the question of why any approval poll includes an opposition party, when, by definition, they don’t approve?

The opposition party OPPOSES the elected person…they voted against him.

Wouldn’t it be more important for a President or Congressman to be aware of how he/she stacks up with the people who actually voted for them in the first place?

After all, they already know the opposition’s view.

Just coincidence no news stories note Flynn’s political affiliation, or anti-Iran deal sentiments?

You wouldn’t know it from reading sham-stream media reports, but word is the Natl Security Advisor (ret. Gen. Flynn) who just resigned was a registered Democrat…

…who served in the Obama administration previously.

Odd, isn’t it…wonder why no ‘news’ outlet cares to report that?

And on that resignation topic, looks like some Obama people weren’t happy with the General, who was an outspoken critic of the Iran deal’s secret agreements.

Must be pretty outrageous stuff, to justify a shadow government hit-program.

We suspect when those secret agreements are exposed, fur is going to fly.

Democrat fur.

Why such anti-Trump’er Russia-mania fixation, when the Middle East is burning?

Nothing drives the Left crazier than proof that Republicans can govern better.

Left-wingers would rather the Middle East went up in a mushroom cloud than see President Trump work out an arrangement with Russia to stop or slow the chaos.

For all their anti-Russia rhetoric, that nation is a huge factor in the region’s mess…

…thanks to Barack Obama’s asleep-at-the-switch foreign policy.

Why, at a time when it’s essential to work out a diplomatic solution with this Russian piece of the puzzle, are Democrats more intent on throwing fuel on the fire?

Why demonize Russia, or undermine any of Mr. Trump’s efforts to work with that country, to calm the tensions in one of the most volatile regions in the world?

Why use this ‘fake news’ garbage, potentially riling Russia, with so much at stake?

Answer: they can’t stand the thought of a SUCCESSFUL Republican effort.

Talk about unhinged.