The Obamacare Swindle

As the rhetoric heats up, it’s time to turn the floodlights full on the Obamacare swindle…where billions were stripped from the Middle Class and sent to insurers.

And understand, as the above Forbes-linked article notes, the problems continue to worsen “AFTER and notwithstanding” all the diversions of funds to hide them.

And AFTER the lawlessness Obma’s team practiced to divert those funds.

AFTER the deceptive mishandling of billions.

IF the dust ever settles, the magnitude of this swindle will be breathtaking.

Then, while the deception continues under a Democrat guise of ‘healthcare for all’, one may begin to question why the hundreds of billions went to insurer fat-cats

…instead of directly to the people they claimed to be helping?

And the answer is simple.

Millions were donated by those fat-cats…to the Democrats funneling them money.

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