Claiming an illegitimate winner helps Democrats hide that Hillary was a Legitimate LOSER

As Rush Limbaugh points out, all the ‘Russia-hacked-election’ nonsense is simply a continual and relentless effort to paint President Trump as illegitimate

…because the truth is, our 2-step election process (votes made, votes counted)…


So, the reality is Hillary Clinton, pushing bad policies and with all of her flaws…

…was a legitimate LOSER.

And that’s the problem Democrats need desperately to obscure.

So Democrats will do what they always do…take their problem (they lost, BADLY) and turn it 180 degrees against Republicans (by claiming ‘they won…badly’).

The Democrats have no choice: to hide failures they must keep trying to hamstring the GOP AND obscure the rejection of their candidate…and their policies.

In that regard, expect the attacks against President Trump to continue, unabated.

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