The easiest way to stop ‘fake-rage’ activist townhalls

Townhalls held by GOP congressmen are being taken over by paid activists, and it should be easy to stop it, using common-sense and Constitutional principles.

Insist on only constituent attendees, enforced by verifying addresses with resident identification. Why let out-of-precinct rabble-rousers spoil informative discussions?

And, finally, advise attendees unruly or disruptive behavior will result in detainment, and fines, for possible violations of free speech and ‘peaceful’ assembly of others.

It appears most townhalls are being hijacked by paid activists, so why not make it unprofitable for agitators to act up? After all, everyone deserves representation.

And such behavior negates others the opportunity to exercise their constitutional right to assemble and be heard…not that hard to put across as an argument.

It’s past time for the GOP to man up, and defend the rights of their constituents.

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