Why such anti-Trump’er Russia-mania fixation, when the Middle East is burning?

Nothing drives the Left crazier than proof that Republicans can govern better.

Left-wingers would rather the Middle East went up in a mushroom cloud than see President Trump work out an arrangement with Russia to stop or slow the chaos.

For all their anti-Russia rhetoric, that nation is a huge factor in the region’s mess…

…thanks to Barack Obama’s asleep-at-the-switch foreign policy.

Why, at a time when it’s essential to work out a diplomatic solution with this Russian piece of the puzzle, are Democrats more intent on throwing fuel on the fire?

Why demonize Russia, or undermine any of Mr. Trump’s efforts to work with that country, to calm the tensions in one of the most volatile regions in the world?

Why use this ‘fake news’ garbage, potentially riling Russia, with so much at stake?

Answer: they can’t stand the thought of a SUCCESSFUL Republican effort.

Talk about unhinged.

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