Data analysis reveals Black-Lives-Matter as nothing more than political agitation

The Washington Post study of deaths at the hands of police was meant to stir up outrage, claiming black deaths at the hands of white officers are out of control.

They point out black men make up 6% of the population, but 40% of those killed.

But such tactics are deceitful. Overwhelmingly, men commit more crime than women and black men are 4 times more likely to commit homicides/robberies.

Take women out of the demographic population and now 12% are black men. Take into consideration they commit 4 times more serious crime…now it’s under norm.

Read the NRO article; it explains how left-leaning media stirs up trouble.

The ‘black-lives-matter’ protests are meant to stir up votes for 2016.


Looks like ISIS jihadist clerics and Planned Parenthood are on the same organ-harvesting page

Move over organ-harvesters at Planned Parenthood!

ISIS clerics have ruled it’s okay to rip out organs of non-believers to save Islamists.

And, as with Planned Parenthood, it doesn’t matter if the non-believer’s still alive.

The only thing that separates these two groups is ISIS clerics say it’s okay to eat the flesh of non-believers – Planned Parenthood hasn’t gone that far yet…

we think.

He’ll drone-kill wedding party civilians, but not ‘civilians’ driving ISIS oil trucks?

Just when you thought the Left-wing media would collapse under the weight of having to cover for more idiocy of Obama’s, another idiocy emerges.

Obama won’t cut off ISIS revenues by bombing their oil trucks, evidently because he feels the drivers are ‘civilians’…how unbelievably stupid is that?

Why is it he has no problem drone-bombing a wedding where dozens of civilians are killed and even more wounded…but he won’t hit oil trucks that fund ISIS?

Doesn’t anyone smell something fishy in this?


Immigration tough-talk recruits more jihadists, drone-killing them…doesn’t?

How does Trump talking tough on Muslim immigration create a stronger jihad recruiting effort than Obama drone-killing them?

You’d think an Obama-directed bombing would be more impactful.

That Trump fella must be a scary dude.

Who would’ve thought ‘DENIED’ red-stamped on a visa application would be more inflammatory than bloody, torn jihadist bodies on the ISIS battlefield?

(Or, for that matter, an Obama bragging endlessly about offing bin-Laden.)

These Islamic Extremists have a strange sense of outrage, don’t they?

Told you…call it Islamunism…it’s not just a religion, it’s a governing ideology

None other than the estimable Andrew McCarthy confirms our Nov. 21 blog

…Islam isn’t just a religion – it’s a governing ideology.

Call it Islamunism.

Such a governing ideology – Islamunism – is antithetical to our Constitution and does not enjoy the Constitutional protection offered to religion.

Anyone who argues otherwise is an uninformed dolt, a useful idiot…

…or deliberately treasonous.

Obscuring the obvious…’erasing digital presence’ proves it was terrorism

Obama’s FBI can waffle as much as they want…it was terrorism in San Bernardino.

The Pakistani killer-couple erased their digital footprint days before, and pipebombs, i-e-d’s, and thousands of rounds of ammo were found in their home.

It doesn’t take a criminal justice degree to know terrorism was on their agenda…but it looks like the Waffler-in-Chief is dead-set on calling this act ‘workplace violence’.

What moron (other than Obama) would try to convince us that one’s normal reaction to a work-place slight is to take weeks to acquire and build that kind of arsenal?

What idiot thinks taking body armor and automatic weapons to a Christmas party is a normal act, just in case a partier spills a drink on their shoe, or insults their wife?

These acts prove the obvious…pre-meditation and intent to commit terrorism.

The only real question is why does Obama avoid the obvious?

Pro-open borders Left/Democrats are responsible for today’s San Bernardino terrorist killings

The Left loves to blame pro-lifers for every attack on Planned Parenthood.

So they should understand the dynamic for blaming THEM for terror attacks any time that despicable act is perpetrated against Americans by MidEast migrants.

Obama’s FBI is slow-walking info, but the perpetrators were Middle East descent.

Pro-Open Borders Left & Democrats are responsible for San Bernardino terrorism.