Obscuring the obvious…’erasing digital presence’ proves it was terrorism

Obama’s FBI can waffle as much as they want…it was terrorism in San Bernardino.

The Pakistani killer-couple erased their digital footprint days before, and pipebombs, i-e-d’s, and thousands of rounds of ammo were found in their home.

It doesn’t take a criminal justice degree to know terrorism was on their agenda…but it looks like the Waffler-in-Chief is dead-set on calling this act ‘workplace violence’.

What moron (other than Obama) would try to convince us that one’s normal reaction to a work-place slight is to take weeks to acquire and build that kind of arsenal?

What idiot thinks taking body armor and automatic weapons to a Christmas party is a normal act, just in case a partier spills a drink on their shoe, or insults their wife?

These acts prove the obvious…pre-meditation and intent to commit terrorism.

The only real question is why does Obama avoid the obvious?

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