Hey, a fist is an ‘assault weapon’ if it’s used to punch someone

Randomly hurling ‘assault weapon’ epithets is ridiculous when you consider the fact that ANYTHING used to assault someone can be loosely defined as an ‘assault weapon’.

A knife, a baseball bat…hell, a pencil in someone’s eye can be defined that way.

If it’s meant to classify AR-15s as ‘military-style’ assault weapons, it’s a blatant lie, since military-style assault weapons have automatic-fire capability, and AR-15s don’t.

Still, if you’re a Liberal…why let honesty get in the way of a useful narrative?

Proof that common sense prevails in the American public…

“Survey: Americans Blame School Shooting on Government, Not Guns”

“According to Rasmussen, 54% of Americans believe government failure is to “blame for the mass shooting.” Only 33% of Americans blame guns. Eleven percent of Americans say they are unsure what contributed to…the mass shooting.”

So common sense prevails, but…that other 46%…? Not so much.

No way Schiff’s memo refutes FISA abuses…unless ‘cuz we say so’ is an acceptable excuse

The problem with the Democrat ‘Schiff memo’ is it doesn’t address the charges of FISA abuse based on using an unsubstantiated 3rd-party hearsay dossier to get a warrant.

Much like its author, Democrat Adam Schiff, it’s full of muddy water obscuring reality.

You could say – like its author – it’s full of…well…Schiff.

Of course there were no embarrassing scandals in Obama’s administration…they don’t know how to be embarrassed

As the twitter-verse goes up in smoke over Obama’s claim that “there were no scandals that embarrassed us” what many fail to realize is – when it comes to Liberal policies…

nothing embarrasses them…

…(and the FakeNews media will always help make sure of that.)

After all, why should Benghazi, Fast-&-Furious, IRS abuses, UraniumOne pay-for-play, Iran-billions payments, FISA abuses etc, etc, etc be considered embarrassing?

That was all business as usual for Democrats.

Hey Liberals…if you wanna see a real dictator in action – just look at China

As Liberals continue their false accusations and breast-beating over an ‘authoritarian’ Trump, looks like China is giving a better impression of what that really looks like.

(Xi’s Communist party plans to scrap term limits, and make him president for life.)

Maybe when our President unilaterally destroys the 22nd amendment we can worry; but, until that time, let’s end the fake outrage and ad hominem attacks against Trump…

…at least, as pertains to false claims of totalitarian behavior that doesn’t exist.

Fingerprints of failed Democrat policy all over school shooting, so of course…blame NRA

From gun-free zones to Obama’s PROMISE program, the policies of Democrat leaders result in a trail of devastation through the lives of Americans…

…but they’ll never admit to their failures.

And, in the meantime, Liberal news sites are going crazy over the fact that Republicans are focusing on failure to enforce existing laws…instead of making new gun laws.


new law will somehow be enforced better than the ones they’re not enforcing now?

You can’t make this stuff up.