Wait…the same guys who secretly gave Iran concessions, now say negotiations w-Russia must be…transparent?

Yeah, yeah, Putin’s a monster, but short of directly removing him from power (and all the grown-ups in the room know what THAT means), he has to be dealt with.

And this President knows how to deal with the best (or worst) of them.

Obama and his cohort secretly dealt with/gave nuclear concessions to Iran, shipped pallets of cash in billions to that Terror-State, we’re still learning of back-room deals…

…so, please…spare everyone the ‘transparency’ hysteria.

(After all, it’s not as if Trump’s gonna give Putin an American citizenship…or nukes.)

Democrat politicians may end up with a slogan backfire if 2016 exit polls are any indication

House Democrats bet on ‘For the People’ to counter Trump ‘tweet’ machine

Problem is, exit polling during their 2016 election disaster spells a different story.

Democrats who admitted voting for Trump were disgusted with the money-grubbing, crony elitist disconnect of Democrat political leadership, when asked why the mutiny.

Which means this new ‘For the People’ slogan can be quite easily mutated, making the result into what a great many of those mutineering Democrat electorate believed…

…the Democrat Party is really…for $THEIR$ people.

Is Mueller indicting Manafort so the Clintonista Podesta-boys can get immunity from their acts?

Reports are coming in that Mueller is giving Tony Podesta immunity to testify against former Trump aide Paul Manafort on some foreign dealings a decade or so ago.

Tony Podesta is the brother of Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta, and both of the brothers are huge supporters of Bill-&-Hillary Clinton, which begs the question…

…is Manafort being used as a means of giving Podesta and his ilk cover for illegal acts?

(Which, by the way, Podesta’s being investigated for as well.)

Mueller’s indictments mean “now we give the Russians open access to American sources and methods, as well as secrets”

Can the deep-staters and Mueller really be this clueless?

Mueller’s witch hunt a growing disaster for national security

“…evidence is mounting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s open-ended investigation…may be a growing national security problem.”

Long story short: you enter a criminal indictment, you have to reveal your information…

…and how you obtained it.

Ivy-Leaguers can’t be this stupid…right?

Interesting counter-theory…IF Russia meddled, was it to help socialist Bernie Sanders?

Did the Russians Hack the DNC to Help the Left Take Over the Democrats?

Makes more sense than believing they wanted to help a capitalist like Trump.

“Let’s look at what the Russians were actually doing during the election. They had set up fake Facebook sites aimed at the left on issues ranging from Black Lives Matter to the pipeline protests. That is not the behavior of a foreign intelligence operation that wanted Trump to win and the left to lose. Instead the Russians appeared to have allied with the left to push the Democrats even further to the left.” (emphasis added)

“The socialist left were the biggest beneficiaries of the DNC hacks.” Can’t argue there.

Daniel Greenfield’s article makes great points; it’s a very interesting read.

When in doubt…maybe…look for the common (D)nominator?

A (D)emocrat president knew Russians were ‘meddling’ but did…nothing;

A (D)emocrat presidential campaign funded a Russian-sourced anti-Trump dirt dossier;

A (D)emocrat server ‘hacked’ by…unhhh, Russians?…went unanalyzed by the feds;

A (D)emocrat led intelligence community, curiously impotent, in the midst of it all;

A (D)emocrat scandal-plagued candidate gets thrashed at the polls;

A (D)emocrat hyped ‘Russia-collusion’ investigation then ensues.

What could POSSIBLY tie all these random factors together…?


How could ANYONE possibly see such an investigation as a ‘witch-hunt’?

Maybe it’s not just coincidence that ‘deceitful’ starts with a…(D).

The circle is now complete – ‘hacked’ Democrat server forensic analyst…once worked for Mueller

The alleged ‘hacked’ Democrat server that was never seen by federal agencies, but initiated a ‘Russia, Russia’ Democrat-crazed meme, was only analyzed by CrowdStrike.


Democrats refused to give the FBI access to any of their ‘hacked’ equipment. So, the FBI had to rely on that Democrat-hired/funded private company for forensic ‘analysis’.

And, now, we learn the Crowdstrike analyst performing the forensics worked at one time in the FBI for none other than – surprise, surprise – Robert Mueller.

What idiot doesn’t see what’s going on here?

It’s not about ‘what’ he does wrong…it’s that ANYTHING he does will be wrong

Trump wouldn’t give the media a show in Russia, so they’re mad

Another day, another opinion piece on what President Trump did wrong, or weakly, or whatever, during the recent Helsinki meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Fact is, no matter what he did, it would be criticized. This isn’t about right or wrong…

…for the anti/never-Trump crowd – ANYTHING he does is wrong. (They rage that he didn’t get in Putin’s face over election meddling…but you can bet if he had gone postal with Putin, he would’ve been damned for that as well…and be declared ‘illegitimate’.)

Don’t think there would’ve been a right way for President Trump to do his job, ‘cuz with the Looney Left, FakeNews, Never-Trump’ers, and Trump Derangement Syndrome

…he’ll NEVER be ‘right’.

Fortunately, he knows this…and every decision/Tweet he makes reflects that.