What…did everyone think his ‘drain the swamp’ promise exempted sham media?

Donald Trump promised to do his best to ‘drain the swamp’ during his campaign, and what that naturally must include is the sham-stream media Democrat masters.

More than anything else, it’s a slanted media that gives sustenance to swamp dwellers.

(As Rush Limbaugh points out, media heavyweights control the agenda: the Democrat politicians are just their ‘swamp dwellers’, doing grunt work politically to push it along.)

So why is everyone aflutter over President Trump taking it to Fake News media? In this ‘swamp’ metaphor, don’t we realize there have to be Swamp Keepers of that domain?

It’s the Sham-media moguls keeping the swamp habitat creature-friendly: regardless of opinion, Trump tweets are exposing them as never before…as the Swamp Keepers.

Democrat politicians are merely a swamp’s useful idiots – removing the lowlife is fine, but wipe out as many snakes as you want…the all-embracing swamp’s still there…

…ready for the next bellycrawlers to inhabit. And there will always be more crawlers.

Keeping a swamp drained means drying it up

to do that, the Swamp Keepers creating and stirring the ooze must be dealt with.

If President Trump’s tweets neutralize their efforts, so be it.

Mark Levin channels BlueCollar…and CNN shows their class by insulting a woman’s looks

A previous post noted the disrespect shown the office of President by the media, and now Mark Levin has noted the same thing in a signature rant on the Hannity show.

“Mark Levin to the Media: Want Trump to Act Presidential? Then Have Respect for the Office of the President”

And while we’re talking about a media standard of ‘we  can hit you, you can’t hit us’

…how about that CNN producer disparaging Republican women

…saying Trump’s aide Kellyanne Conway “looks like she got hit with a shovel”.

But it’s the President who needs to watch his tone?

Anyone surprised to learn California won’t help Vote-Fraud Commission?

“California Refuses to Share Data with Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission”

Big surprise there, hunh? An unlawful Sanctuary State dodges vote fraud.

We’re confident in saying the Golden State is probably KING of the voter fraud hill, and nothing proves it like a Democrat-run state…that refuses to help voter fraud probes.

(Suddenly…the Democrat ‘lost the popular vote’ meme doesn’t seem so legitimate.)

No sir, no voter fraud here…Yeah, yeah, move along people…nothing to see there.

There’s an obsession, all right…

The morning show that obsesses DAILY about Donald Trump worry when they become a target of the occasional tweet, suggesting President Trump’s the one who’s obsessed.

Shoveling fake-news fast-&-furious, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough wail about being targeted…in wide-eyed innocence of their daily Trump-bashing.

They exemplify the media’s whining ‘no fair retaliating’ mantra, now that there’s a real man in the White House who refuses to take their bullying tactics and fires back.

The public knows who’s ‘obsessed’, Joe…and it isn’t the President.

As Mike Huckabee, media cynic, famously stated in December (paraphrasing)…

“If Trump could walk on water, the sham-stream media would report he can’t swim.”

And, sadly…borrowing from Walter Cronkite…THAT’S THE WAY IT IS.

Is Obama’s att’y gen’l Lynch set-up to take the fall?

If reports are true, FBI director Comey confronted Obama’s attorney general Lynch with a captured email she had sent to Hillary, assuring Clinton the probe would be dropped.

Reports also suggest the email was fake. We’ll take that with a huge lump of salt.

Considering the ‘quality’ of news coming out lately, that email could just as easily have been real. Whatever, the real ‘tell’ may be how Lynch handled the presented email.

She didn’t.

Presented with an email that exposed her duplicity with Hillary Clinton, and her intent to obstruct an FBI investigation into Hillary’s mishandling of emails on a private server…

…she did nothing.

A normal person confronted with a fake email implying illegal activity of theirs would not have ‘stared at an FBI director silently, ask him to leave the room’, then do…nothing.

The typical Democrat strategy would’ve been to scream Republicans were trying to set the administration up, and damage poor Hillary’s campaign, with a willing media to help.

But, if that email was real…’nothing’ would’ve been a lot of back room concealing.

For all that this information is ‘out there’ now, we can’t see the typical wagon-circling that begins within a split-second of any kind of Democrat exposure to wrong-doing.

Which could be interpreted as ‘too big to contain’, indicating Lynch is to be the fall-guy.

Good news for Hillary…she has yet another scapegoat for her November failure.

Bad news for Comey…by law, he should’ve reported the email to Lynch’s boss…

…Barack Obama.

Remember, kids, it’s only dangerous rhetoric when Republicans speak

Remember when Obama spoke to a group, and called Republicans the enemy? Yawn.

There was no huge outcry of ‘dangerous rhetoric’ then, but Trump labels fake-news the enemy…all hell breaks loose, and suddenly dangerous rhetoric threatens media lives.

And if a Democrat says thousands will die as a result of Republican healthcare plans? Naah, no big deal, that’s not reckless or endangering, no sirree, keep movin’ along now.

What else do you call a media pushing hoaxes and lies to Americans non-stop, in an effort to de-legitimize an election, and in order to neutralize their political opponents?

Let’s face it…Trump speaks truth to abusive media power.

Fake-News pushers – America’s Public Enemy #1.

Anyone asked why Putin would fear a Russia-friendly ally like Hillary?

For those hoaxers still pushing the Russian collusion meme that was meant to help favor Trump over Hillary in the lead-up to the presidential election, we ask this:

Considering the Russian economy is heavily affected by the natural gas hold they have over the E U, and Democrats stalled U.S. natural gas exports to help Russia…

…why would Vladimir Putin have ANY interest in helping a gas-export-happy Trump?

Considering Putin’s success in rolling neophyte Democrats Obama and Clinton while in office, why would he risk enormous damage to Russia’s economy by helping Trump?

Vladimir Putin took Democrats for an 8-year ride, regaining lost ground for Russia.

The Left’s ‘Putin wanted a Republican president’ concept is ridiculous on the face of it…

Is it accurate to portray the President’s access to a 99%-negative media as a ‘bully pulpit’?

Multiple GOP politicians and pundits/journalists argue the President should tone back or eliminate Tweeting, since he has what’s traditionally been known as the ‘bully pulpit’.

But is that right, in a world where 99% of his coverage is negative, slanted…or fake? Do these people not understand that, until Trump, media bestowed ‘bully pulpit’ privileges?

It’s only a bully pulpit if a media reports the President’s remarks and actions honestly.

Hi-brows spew platitudes of ‘beneath the dignity of the office’, knowing full well a sham-stream media has beheaded, trampled, and urinated on that office since Trump’s arrival.

(Here’s a relevant question…has a hi-brow ever fought back against, well, anything?)

When the presidential office of ‘dignity’ is met by brass-knuckled backstreet brawlers, is it smart to remain above the fray…while savaged with lowblows and kidney punches?

Especially when there’s no hint of objective reporting during the battle?

Don’t respond, and he’ll be portrayed as ‘cowering in the oval office’. Respond, and he’s vilified as bullying the press – if he can’t win either way with this media, let him Tweet.

It’s past time to fight their fire with fire. (And why is it hi-brows in the mix don’t notice President Trump’s return fire is winning the hearts and minds of the citizenry?)

WANT EVIDENCE? How about every special-election GOP win since he took office? 

This President knows you don’t win backstreet brawls with turn-a-cheek ideals, and also knows, (for him) any concept of a ‘bully pulpit’ is self-created…by his medium of choice.

(Just ask George W. Bush how well that turn-a-cheek policy worked in his 2nd term.)

Impact on Political Culture be damned. If CNN et al is ‘culture’…we vote bare knuckles.

Give ’em Tweet Hell, Mr. President.

We’d prefer a fighter like you to a ‘nuanced statesman’ like John Kerry…any day…

…and especially in this sham-stream media environment.

Will their non-stop, relentless attacking be the Democrats’ undoing, as a Party?

Up until Jan, 2017, Democrats have been successful in their concerted, lock-step, non-stop attacks against political opponents..but then, along came Donald Trump.

As Rush Limbaugh has pointed out with dead-center accuracy, media masters and their Democrat puppets have failed to destroy Trump because they didn’t create him.

Everything they’ve tried has not only failed…but backfired.

Collusion and obstruction has revealed Democrat misdeeds. Leaks exposed the depth to which the media and Democrats will plunge, regardless of harm to national security.

And stories are plentiful of Left wing attempts to rig the November voting.

Will the media/Democrat marriage stay true to form in their strategy of unrelenting attacks against President Trump, even at the expense of their possible undoing as a Party?

Or, will some faint sense of political survival create the impetus of…a Democrat divorce?

Divorce, from the Left-wing media construct so intent on destroying THIS president, this Republican Party, they’re willing to to bring down their Democrat puppets in the process.

Who would’ve thunk it?

When it comes to curing the ills brought on by the Left, presenting Donald Trump…


Interesting…as their beloved ‘rules for radicals’ fail, what will Democrats do?

Sorry, ‘media’, but pushing hoaxes can’t be passed off as ‘journalists doing their job’

A Breitbart reporter had asked about how the White House viewed the latest brouhaha at CNN, where 3 editors had been fired for flagrant story inaccuracies about a Trump ally.

As soon as press secretary Sanders decried fake-news reporting, the fire was lit.

A reporter at the White House press briefing took exception to the press secretary calling out fake-news reporting, claiming that every reporter in the room was ‘doing their job’.

Pushing hoaxes like ‘Russian collusion’ is seen as a journalist ‘just trying to do their job’?

Trolling for ratings is ‘doing their job’?

Unfairly smearing American citizens – or an American president – is doing their job?


If anyone’s driving a wedge between the media and Americans, it’s the media.

Yep…CNN – victim of a self-inflicted wedgie.