The only way solar energy works is through government subsidies

An article discussing how solar panels lose efficiency when it’s hot outside also points out how a 2015 MIT study on solar acknowledges the process survives only by subsidies.

The 356-page ‘Future of Solar Energy’ report is riddled with subsidy-necessity verbiage.

Two take-aways on solar…

  • when you need it most, on hot days, it works the least effectively, and

Anti-common sense Democrats and their anti-voter-ID perfidy

Common sense dictates as long as there are illegal aliens in the U.S., voter ID is needed.

Think tank reports are fine, but all that’s needed is logic. There are illegal aliens within our borders who willingly admit (and openly brag) to voting illegally…we need ID checks.

Arguing against logic simply shows Democrats are okay with fraudulent voting…since it seems by all statistical analysis that the recipient of illegal voting is the Democrat Party.

Ssooo…Hillary-n-Democrats colluded with Russians to undermine Hillary’s campaign

To the extent that damaging emails about Hillary and the Democrat Party were the only possible ways her campaign could be hurt, and Obama knew but did nothing about it…

…the case can be made Hillary and the Democrats are the ‘colluders’.

After all, regardless how Russia may or may not have been the ones that hacked the DNC emails of Podesta et al, the inherent damaging aspects were their own fault.

And as president, Obama let it happen, according to the Post.

Great story…when will they run with it?

WA Post story exposes Obama aiding and abetting Russian cyber efforts

A whitewash article in the Washington Post actually makes Obama look worse.

Foreign meddling in elections is endemic. Obama knew what Russia was up to, and telling the story of a ‘conflicted’ Obama ineffectually hand-wringing over attempts are pathetic.

Beyond that, failing to do anything makes Obama an accomplice.

So, what should the real headline read?

“Obama-Russian election collusion CONFIRMED!”

The permanent King-of-the-Hill playground that is Congress

In a world where it’s all about making sure the other guy doesn’t succeed, it’s not a big surprise when their workplace becomes nothing more than a King-of-the-Hill playground.

The health care bill is a great example.

First, understand that money is the mother’s milk of politics’…it’s a vital necessity.

So, for politicians, being a congressman means carving out legislation that favors their big-money donors…in this case, the insurance companies who benefit from such favors.

Democrat politicians created a Frankenstein with the disaster that is Obamacare, and you need know nothing more than this…since 2013, insurance premiums more than doubled.

All other problems of failed coverage and huge insurance company payouts aside, nothing more than that fact – premiums doubled – puts the LIE in the ‘Affordable’ Care Act.

Now, with all the other problems of the monstrosity Democrats created, when Republicans try to resolve the problem, cooperation is the last thing Democrats have in their plans…

…because they can’t let a Democrat plan be seen as a failure…

…and they sure as hell can’t let the Republicans be seen as successful.

Proof beyond doubt, they’re not in Congress for you…they’re in it for themselves.

Hey, guys, c’mon…King of the Hill isn’t about the best leader-with-ideas being on top.

Want some irony?

Obama, the insurance industry’s Handout-in-Chief, is now calling the Republican plan a transfer of money from the poor to the rich, when that was HIS m.o. – with Obamacare.