By their own standard, fighting against a census ‘citizenship’ question makes Democrats racist

“Trump Census Citizenship Question Helps Black Americans”

So, if the Left is so outraged over a citizenship question on the census, is that racist?

After all, if “Blacks have been losing political power in immigrant-heavy urban cores because non-citizens are not identified by the Census and are counted for redistricting” then not asking the citizenship question disadvantages black citizens.

(Bold and underline emphasis added)

When will the black American segment realize…Democrats aren’t their friends?

Sessions may be ‘crazy-like-a-fox’ appointing Utah prosecutor rather than special counsel

Conservatives on the warpath over AG Sessions deciding to appoint a Utah prosecutor to investigate DC goings-on should relax…and read this American Thinker article.

In a nutshell – with cause, that Utah prosecutor can set up a Utah grand jury.

Any special counsel Sessions appointed would normally use a DC-area grand jury.

Which grand jury composition would you trust to investigate the D.C. Swamp?

74 unborn killed every hr, every day…and Democrats claim to protect kids?!?

The hypocrisy is, really, STAGGERING.

Democrats are using kids to push an anti-gun agenda with chants of ‘protect our kids’ at every rally across America…yet drive an abortion protocol that kills 74 kids every hour.

They use every word-game to dehumanize the unborn, in their effort to keep abortion legal…then foment unrest among the kids who escaped ‘pro-choice’ death sentences.

An earlier post under-reported annual abortions to avoid over-hyping reality… according to the CDC, the annual abortion rate in America is somewhere north of 650,000.

Every hour, 74 unborn American lives are eliminated…by the ‘champions of the kids’.

(And that’s with a declining abortion rate over the last few years.)

650,000/yr…6.5 million/decade…29.25+ million unborn since Roe-v-Wade became law.

Yeah…yeah…take away guns to protect our kids, Democrats.

But, then there’s this“There Is No ‘Epidemic of Mass School Shootings’”

Criminal victimization in American schools has collapsed in tandem with the overall crime rate, leaving U.S. classrooms safer today than at any time in recent memory.” Not a good narrative for gun-grabbers. (bold emphasis added)

The unborn would tell you, kids should demand Democrats be taken away…because when you compare statistics, Democrat abortion policy is the mass murderer here.

Hey, kids…how about a #MarchForTheUNBORN?

(Fair warning though…don’t expect the same financial backers to support you.)

Porn trollers – cashing in on the Left’s hypocrisy

When Bill Clinton fooled around while IN THE OVAL OFFICE we were told it was none of our business…what type of sex goes on between two adults is a private thing…

…but if a Republican’s in the Oval Office…

…what may or may not have gone on 10 years before he’s elected is news?

Putting aside if a porn-star’s claim is even valid, this hypocrisy is sickening. Whether it’s ‘acts of a personal nature’ or data-mining in elections, for the Left it’s only okay…

…when Democrats are doing it.

Are there any honest Democrats left who will disavow this hypocrisy on display?

If they want to protect kids, what about the 300,000 unborn American babies killed every year?

Kids should be safe in a schoolroom…but not in a mother’s womb?

Strange, isn’t it?

While the Left uses their useful idiot school kids to protest against the NRA and for gun control, ostensibly to end the dozens of school shootings every decade, no one seems to consider the 300,000+ unborn baby Americans killed every year through abortion.

Planned Parenthood spends 4x the money spent by NRA, to keep their death toll high.

If you want to talk moral outrage…that might be a good starting point.

If you want to talk about trading American kids’ lives for donations

…Democrats have no equal.

Conservatives should remind anti-NRA ranters about this hypocrisy every day.

Washington Examiner stubs its toe on what Congress can and can’t do

Washington Examiner puzzling headline: “Steven Mnuchin tells Congress to give Trump line item veto, which Congress can’t do”

Why, you may ask, is that puzzling? The answer is in their first sentence of the story.

“Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said that Congress needs to “pass a rule” to give President Trump line-item veto power, even though such a move would require a constitutional amendment.” (Stated during a Fox News Sunday interview)

Hint to The Washington Examiner…

only Congress can CREATE the ‘constitutional amendments’.

Midterm election choice – GOP ‘crumbs’…or Democrat ‘new-norm’ dust

Can’t help but believe the midterm elections should boil down to a simple choice: keep up the economic boom rippling through the country, or vote for a Democrat malaise.

An IBD op-ed lays it out: America’s Jobs Boom And The GOP’s Growth Agenda

Nancy Pelosi wants us to believe pay increases and bonuses are rejectable crumbs that deserve our scorn, and that a Democrat ‘new normal’ is preferable to Americans.

If the GOP can’t expose those stark realities, they are truly incompetent and unworthy.

In Our Humble Opinion – Getting military budget hike was worth it…and midterms are in play for a positive-message GOP

Those complaining over the just-passed budget need to take a deep breath.

Sure, it didn’t include border-wall cash, or language for de-funding sanctuary locales, but what it does do is give Republicans some breathing room for midterm elections, and ensures the economy is still firing on all 8-cylinders when November comes around.

Besides, the one thing we know is Congress doesn’t hesitate to write legislation – and in the aftermath of a GOP success in November, they can fill in the gaps with new bills.

If ‘all politics are local’ and ‘they vote their wallet’, then a booming economy, continued job growth, and fattened GOP tax-cut take-home paychecks should be strong incentive for even a steadfast Democrat to see that Republican policies are more beneficial.

Californians? Highest gas-pump prices in the nation, burdensome tax policies, and ever increasing electric utility costs drive up prices for every product and service they buy.

Republican message to California constituents: ‘WE GIVE You Jobs and INCREASE Your Take-Home Pay, Democrats TAKE Your Money With More Taxes…


Complain if you like, Republicans, but President Trump, by signing this bill, gave your congressional GOP and hopefuls what they need going into the campaign season…

  • Big Government R’s got military spending increases for nat’l security;
  • Tea Party/Freedom Caucus R’s got their anti-spending gripes registered;
  • DACA proponents were shown that Democrats let them down…AGAIN;
  • Economic Prosperity R’s have a clear growth pathway to midterms;
  • Every-Stripe R’s can promise beneficial legislation a GOP President will sign
    • Necessary Border Wall funding;
    • Sanctuary City de-funding;
    • Obamacare reforms;
    • Etc.

All Republicans have to do now is MESSAGE effectively. They now have Immigration, National Security, and Prosperity issues near and dear to the majority of voters.

Well played, Mister President.

Now it’s your turn, congressional Republicans – play your hand wisely.