In Our Humble Opinion – Getting military budget hike was worth it…and midterms are in play for a positive-message GOP

Those complaining over the just-passed budget need to take a deep breath.

Sure, it didn’t include border-wall cash, or language for de-funding sanctuary locales, but what it does do is give Republicans some breathing room for midterm elections, and ensures the economy is still firing on all 8-cylinders when November comes around.

Besides, the one thing we know is Congress doesn’t hesitate to write legislation – and in the aftermath of a GOP success in November, they can fill in the gaps with new bills.

If ‘all politics are local’ and ‘they vote their wallet’, then a booming economy, continued job growth, and fattened GOP tax-cut take-home paychecks should be strong incentive for even a steadfast Democrat to see that Republican policies are more beneficial.

Californians? Highest gas-pump prices in the nation, burdensome tax policies, and ever increasing electric utility costs drive up prices for every product and service they buy.

Republican message to California constituents: ‘WE GIVE You Jobs and INCREASE Your Take-Home Pay, Democrats TAKE Your Money With More Taxes…


Complain if you like, Republicans, but President Trump, by signing this bill, gave your congressional GOP and hopefuls what they need going into the campaign season…

  • Big Government R’s got military spending increases for nat’l security;
  • Tea Party/Freedom Caucus R’s got their anti-spending gripes registered;
  • DACA proponents were shown that Democrats let them down…AGAIN;
  • Economic Prosperity R’s have a clear growth pathway to midterms;
  • Every-Stripe R’s can promise beneficial legislation a GOP President will sign
    • Necessary Border Wall funding;
    • Sanctuary City de-funding;
    • Obamacare reforms;
    • Etc.

All Republicans have to do now is MESSAGE effectively. They now have Immigration, National Security, and Prosperity issues near and dear to the majority of voters.

Well played, Mister President.

Now it’s your turn, congressional Republicans – play your hand wisely.


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