Now you see al-Qaeda…now you don’t…

Al-Qaeda? Where?

The New York Times kicks off pre-election whitewashing of Democrats by running a 7,000-word article denying al-Qaeda connections to the terrorist Benghazi murders.

Many begin to speculate this is about inoculating Hillary Clinton for her 2016 run at the presidency, which isn’t unreasonable, considering what hasn’t been mentioned.

The ‘no-al-Qaeda-here’ author has ties to the Clintons. He worked for two years as research assistant for another author who wrote a late-90’s Clinton inoculation piece.

No surprise, then, that history begins a re-write by removing traces of al-Qaeda from the Benghazi terror attack that killed four Americans, abandoned by Obama and his team.

Allies are a wondrous advantage for those with political aspirations…

…especially allies of a journalistic bent.

But noted experts and journalists destroy this current re-write with devastating facts.

Let the games begin.

Stand-Tall Dynasty…

God forbid an avowed Christian should state his beliefs when questioned.

Asked what he considered ‘sinful’ during a GQ interview, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson answered…and selective outrage ensued.

Seems folks on the Left just hate it when people are honest.

It doesn’t look like Phil or family will back down. Good for them. He was asked a question, and responded truthfully…no one was hurt.

We suspect the resulting faux outrage has more to do with standing tall, and honesty.

(Funny, there’s no similar Liberal outrage when “if you like your health plan, you can keep it” is proven false… that lie resulted in loss of plans for millions of Americans.)

Solution to keep the cross for Mt. Soledad Veterans War Memorial…

The ACLU atheists are at it again, trying to get the cross removed from a war memorial.

It sits on public land…why not 99-yr-lease that small segment of land the cross is on?

Lease it to a private ‘preservation group’ who will keep it intact…

…then tell the busybodies at the ACLU to come back in 99 years.

(Pretty soon, they’ll be screaming to take religious denominations off dog-tags.)


Giving ‘Accidental Tourist’ a whole new meaning…

It just keeps getting…worse and worse…

Does the Democrats’ health law restrict your travel plans?

An IBD article notes “…policies offered on the ObamaCare exchanges are not national networks.” (Good luck getting medical services on your DisneyWorld vacation.)

‘Sorry ma’am, you’re only covered in Boise…’ Thank you, Harry Reid!

Now THAT’S a pre-election commercial just waiting to be created!

Obama’s $11 million dollar selfie…

The Liberals must be so proud of their leader.

Obama’s ground transportation costs in So. Africa for the Mandela funeral: $8.3million.

Obama’s lodging costs in So. Africa for the Mandela funeral: $3.2million.

Air Force One flight costs to and from So. Africa: unknown.

Total costs (so far) for what amounts to an Obama selfie: $11.5million.

But hey, why not…otherwise, funerals can be so…somber and reverent.


Could we ‘fix’ the GOP spina bifida first…?

Say you want a truck. But the dealer forces you to take a concept vehicle. It won’t start at first…when it finally does, the wheels fall off and engine dies before leaving the lot.

And the dealer says it’s your responsibility to fix it. Who in their right mind would agree?

ONLY the truly spineless!

So, file this under ‘not seeing the forest for the trees’…

Normally respectable politicians are sinking into deep weeds, so busy over-analyzing disastrous consequences of bad policy, they can’t see the answer right in front of them.

Replacing a functioning machine with a non-functioning one MAKES.NO.SENSE.

Any adult with common sense would return the non-functioning equipment, demand a refund, and immediately put the (existing) functioning machine back in operation.

Obama himself has revealed the answer to fixing problems inherent with Obamacare… he’s gone back to what was working, pre-Obamacare…EVERY TIME.

He has exempted, waived, delayed, and scrapped every broken piece of this disastrous law since ‘implementation’…selectively repealing healthcare law at his whim.

(Except, of course, for the Individual Mandate, forcing us to buy their broken product.)

If selective repeal works for Obama and Democrats when faced with ‘bad law’ reality… why isn’t a ‘repeal’ solution okay when Republicans suggest it? The GOP was locked out of the law’s creation, and not one Republican voted for it. Why should they ‘fix’ it?

Besides, if something has NEVER worked…do you ever really know when its fixed?

And, just as importantly, guess who gets the blame for the ‘fixes’?

To be fair, the Examiner article makes some very good points, but needs to give the GOP some spine. One solution should have been its headline, changed to read…

“GOP should not be trapped by Democrat demands to fix Obamacare”.

(Then, throw in our truck-buying analogy at the start…we don’t mind.)

What is the GOP leadership waiting for…?

Why are the GOP leaders so afraid of Obama and Democrats?

Today we see news that a new Gallup poll shows fear of big gov’t at an all-time high.

Sub-title of the article:

“…72% say (big govt) is greater threat than big business or big labor”

A Gallup graph shows “..a steady increase in concern about big gov’t since 2009.”

Obama and his Democrat zealots have run amuck in Washington DC, and the GOP has the power to stop their unconstitutional activities – impeachment. It can be done.

Democrats, led by the ‘You-Can-Keep-Your-Health-Plan’-in Chief, committed fraud by uttering that lie, and remaining quiet knowing it was a lie, before O’care became law.

Fraud is a felony. Democrat Senators can be impeached for felonies. And when that group of Senators are impeached, they cannot sit in judgment on their own trial.

RESULT – Balance of Senate power shifts to the Republicans. Democrat Senators and their ‘Liar-in-Chief’ can be impeached, and Obamacare can be repealed. Obama can be forced to honor the Rule of Law, and honor the Constitution he’s so busy trampling now.

Gallup, never conservative-friendly, polls a steady rise of anti-big gov’t feeling. Obama’s approval rating is at an all-time low. Obamacare’s failings will be spot-lighted all year.

Republicans will finally have a Party that stands for something. And being the stewards of America’s greatness, they can set aside Obama’s impeachment in exchange for iron-clad guarantees from The One that the Rule of Law will be reinstated, and honored.

And the GOP turnout in Nov 2014 elections would be at an all-time high.

Americans want smaller gov’t; the Rule of Law & Constitution are on their side; millions being hurt by Obamacare deserve protecting; Democrat politicians are trying to hide…

What is the GOP leadership waiting for?

File this under ‘man shoots foot…blames gun’

Michigan Teamster unions claim they’re being enslaved by state ‘right-to-work’ laws.

Under that law, a worker can’t be forced to join a union, or forced to pay dues. But if a worker files a grievance against an employer, they must go through the union to do it.

Unions want to charge non-dues-paying workers for that service, claiming it otherwise puts them in a position of involuntary servitude, to the non-union ‘slavemaster’ worker.

But union negotiators always demand employer-contracts which agree that unions will be the sole employee representative in all matters. Now, remember, unions don’t have to force that language into their contract negotiations, but they do it anyway.

Their contracts force them into the involuntary servitude they’re complaining about!

Unions (1) chambered the bullet, (2) aimed at their foot, (3) pulled the trigger…

…then blame the gun?

How to help the cause leading up to Nov 2014 elections

Hiding from their failures, Democrat candidates will play their ‘get-a-vote’ games.

Remind your disenchanted Democrat friends that it doesn’t matter if their candidate says they’re ‘Pro-Life’, ‘pro-2nd Amendment gun rights’, or ‘pro-small government’…

…’cuz once that candidate gets to Washington, they’re in lockstep with Party line.

And over the past 6 years, that Democrat Party line has given us Obamacare, out-of-control unemployment, sub-par economic growth, and a food stamp culture that will take years, if not decades, for America to recover from if the GOP can regain control.

The failed policies that have devastated cities like Detroit and states like Louisiana have always been Liberal. The only policies that enable growth are Republican policies.

But Liberals don’t care, and they have a strangle-hold on the Democrat Party.

What’s a disappointed Democrat – who wants what’s best for America – to do?

Remind your disenchanted Democrat friend/s their vote is a secret ballot…

…they can vote GOP secretly…then tell their friends they voted Democrat.