How to help the cause leading up to Nov 2014 elections

Hiding from their failures, Democrat candidates will play their ‘get-a-vote’ games.

Remind your disenchanted Democrat friends that it doesn’t matter if their candidate says they’re ‘Pro-Life’, ‘pro-2nd Amendment gun rights’, or ‘pro-small government’…

…’cuz once that candidate gets to Washington, they’re in lockstep with Party line.

And over the past 6 years, that Democrat Party line has given us Obamacare, out-of-control unemployment, sub-par economic growth, and a food stamp culture that will take years, if not decades, for America to recover from if the GOP can regain control.

The failed policies that have devastated cities like Detroit and states like Louisiana have always been Liberal. The only policies that enable growth are Republican policies.

But Liberals don’t care, and they have a strangle-hold on the Democrat Party.

What’s a disappointed Democrat – who wants what’s best for America – to do?

Remind your disenchanted Democrat friend/s their vote is a secret ballot…

…they can vote GOP secretly…then tell their friends they voted Democrat.

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