If you have the wherewithal, pitch-in to help National Review Online

NRO is going through a legal hassle for standing up against global-warming groups who use deceptively created data and graphs to push their sky-is-falling narrative.

It should go without saying that opinions are free speech, but those with friends in ‘billionaire places’ can afford to attack free-speech unrelentingly, to drive agenda.

And unfortunately, in this day and age courts are used as manipulative tools to shut down dissenting dialogue (it isn’t difficult for the Left to identify their judicial allies).

NRO’s been a huge source of reference material for BlueCollar over the years, and we find their columns succinct, valuable, and necessary to the conservative cause.

We’ve donated, and hope you will too. Any amount is appreciated. You can mail donations to National Review, 215 Lexington Ave, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016

Or, online: Here’s the link. And, here’s the Paypal link if you prefer that route.

Knowing you’re helping fight the good fight will add to your post-holiday bliss.


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