Spy-vs-Spy…Oversight-vs-Oversight…choose your poison

The House Intelligence Committee chairman takes heat from the usual Left-wing suspects for bringing information, given him by a whistle-blower, to the President.

But, with the partisan nature of politics today, it was actually the least harmful way to deal with the situation, and was certainly the most transparent for the public.

Especially considering that, along with ‘Fake News’, you can add ‘Fake Politics’ and ‘Fake Intel’ to the National lexicon…in today’s charged environment, anything goes.

So spare us the ‘House Intel Committee chairman breached protocol’ whining, and don’t even suggest his source ‘broke the intel chain-of-command’.

Obama embedded his cohort in every federal agency before leaving; any chain-of-command at present would be unquestionably anti-Republican, thus problematic.

(Who among us believes an Obama-embed would release info harmful to Obama?)

Chairman Nunes took the ONLY right action…honesty and transparency.

Who knew there was any of that commodity left in DC?

(For a compelling argument on the correctness of his efforts, those interested could read Victor Davis Hanson’s piece in National Review Online today.)

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