…or are Republicans paving the way for the Supreme Court to strike down illegal subsidies?

There’s conservative¬†concern over GOP efforts to set up alternative assistance scenarios if the Supreme Court rules that illegal Obamacare subsidies must stop.

The unlawful subsidies are being paid out in states that did not set up exchanges. Obamacare as written mandates subsidies only for those in states that set them up.

(As its architect Gruber noted, it was written to coerce states, but when dozens of them opted not to do so, Obama’s minions decided to pay out subsidies anyway.)

Striking down unlawful subsidies would adversely affect millions of Americans, so those conservative voices in angst over GOP plans should enhance their calm.

News of GOP efforts may be meant to ease the conscience of any Supremes who know subsidies are illegal, but are concerned over the impact of ruling that way.

After all, it wouldn’t be the first time SCOTUS ruled based on a tug of heart-strings. And several of the more liberal Justices can be swayed by planted sob stories.

So, GOP efforts to offset its impact on citizens allows the Court to rule properly.

In typical Democrat fashion, Americans are being used as hostages to embed this travesty of a law into our system. Expect more sob stories as a ruling draws near.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that calming the strained heart-strings of Supreme Court Justices is what Republicans plan by offering humane alternatives.

(They haven’t been that smart in the past, but, hey…we choose to be optimistic.)

Americans have never wanted Obamacare, and those citizens stuck in the subsidy cross-hairs deserve assistance – they didn’t volunteer to be hostage to its law.

Republicans hold Congress, and promised to make it right.

Voters can and should hold them to that promise.

And, every election, Americans should be reminded of Democrat hostage-taking.

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