Rioters-of-color want the same double standard their president-of-color receives

If Obama can break laws and get away with it, shouldn’t ‘his people’ be able to also?

Newly ‘discovered’ IRS emails that probably show Obama’s involvement in the scandal that bears ‘not a smidgeon of corruption’ are being withheld from scrutiny…by Obama.

Despite unlawful actions, the first black president enjoys a defining ‘hands-off’ policy by the GOP, much like rioters in Ferguson demand thugs like Michael Brown should enjoy.

Evidently, whether on a local or national scale, some think that ‘people of color’ must be immune from prosecution or penalty when the laws of this Nation are broken.

A thug committed theft and assault, defied authority and attacked a police officer trying to maintain order in a Missouri community…but some say his color justified his acts.

Now we hear demands for a new standard, where skin color trumps obeying laws. But isn’t that new standard already on display in DC, set by its White House occupier?

(As GOP politicians race to the cameras, to declare impeachment ‘off the table’…if past presidents were ‘Teflon’, this one’s a ‘Kevlar’ president: impeachment-proof.)

What more could a Black community ask for, you wonder?

Naturally, the same privilege as Obama, who has violated (1) his own new Obamacare law, (2) decades-old immigration law, (3) century-old bankruptcy law…and (4) the very United States Constitution this great Republic of ours was founded upon.

They want immunity just like his…in essence, invoking an ‘Obama Privilege’.

Hey, if skin color protects a Kevlar President who shreds Rule of Law with impunity…

…is it any surprise lawbreakers ‘of color’ now demand the same privilege?

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