Why are city rat epidemics being subsidized by your tax dollars?

NY City has a rat problem. Truth be told, most cities do. And have, for a long time.

They carry disease, cause endless destruction of personal property…they’re disgusting.

With the usual politician verve for spending tax dollars, useless solutions abound, which adds to crazy, since rat problems have been subsidized by your tax dollars for decades.

That’s right…your town leaders have been contributing to the problem with our taxes.

So, ironically, every locale in America has a solution at their fingertips that won’t cost taxpayers a dime…and will actually save taxpayers costs they’re already incurring!

(And, the simple solution will warm your heart.)

Message to your town’s leaders: cats kill rats.


Annually, millions of cats are first sheltered, then euthanized, funded by your tax dollars. Why not just leave them free to roam rat-infested areas, to dine on the city’s problem?

Face it – they’re a lot more preferable loose in your neighborhood than rats. What would you rather see roaming your area…feral cats, or disease-ridden (and destructive) rats?

And it will save tax dollars used to capture, shelter, and euthanize cats every year.

It’s a solution provided by Mother Nature: cats kill (and eat) rats.

Save a cat…to kill a rat.

Told you it would warm your heart – now go tell a town ‘leader’.

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