(update) Multi-tasking on Obama…Part Deux

Franklin E. notes that there’s a 5th bird that can be killed with the Sequester Stone…

Polls suggest the majority of voters don’t associate Obama with problems he’s created.

Bird number 5.

We could argue that Bird 1 ‘not wanting to be seen as governing’ and/or Bird 2 ‘not willing to accept blame’ covers this, but Franklin insists it’s a voter perception issue.

Hey, point conceded. Besides, included even as a sub-category it raises the ‘flock kill’ rate (including a sweet added bonus of infuriating PETA activists), so let’s have some fun with it…Bird #5 it is.

Assigning Obama responsibility to select where sequester cuts occur kills the man-in-the-street’s “hey, it ain’t Obama doin’ this” accountability-avoidance Bird.

(Don’t worry, PETA-disciples…in the true spirit of multi-tasking, we’ll designate all the birds killed with a single sequester stone as ‘Wild Turkeys’…

…and feed ’em to the gators.)

Keep those Bird suggestions coming, folks…

They give us more nails to pin Obama to the Accountability Wall…

…and keeps the gators calm.

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