Multi-tasking on Obama….

Killing 4 birds with one stone…the new, improved way to multi-task…

Rush’s lament…Obama doesn’t want to be seen as governing, always positioning himself as fighting against those various forces arrayed before him. Bird number 1.

Obama won’t accept blame for any economic woes his policies inflicted on America, preferring instead the “Bush did it” and “GOP’s doing it” mantra. Bird number 2.

Obama is thoroughly wedded to Liberal ideology. Bird number 3.

Obama gives the Democrat-controlled Senate cover, concealing the fact that not one, but two House bills were sent to Harry Reid to solve the problem. Bird number 4.

House Republicans have just the right stone for killing those 4 birds simultaneously.

The ‘sequester’ stone.

BlueCollar suggested in previous blogs that Obama should be forced to make the necessary and reasonable spending cut decisions on non-essential programs. (Solyndra, anyone?)

Now a noted strategist has written an article suggesting the same thing.

The House can pass a simple, sequester-specific bill assigning Obama the task of identifying exactly where the spending cuts should be made.

OMG – Forced to ‘govern’…! (Bird 1)

Can’t blame Republicans for the choices he has to make…! (Bird 2)

Avoiding Liberal program cuts exposes ideology; or, making cuts to Liberal programs enrages the Liberal base…! (Bird 3)

That House bill must be passed by the Democrat-controlled Senate…! (Bird 4)

(See…we told you…he won’t act like a President, so force him to…)

Now that’s a stone worth romancing…!

Hey…catchy title for a movie…”Romancing the Sequester Stone”…

Where’s Michael Douglas when you need him?



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