Tax-cut honesty

“…more than 80% of Americans will get tax cuts under the plan just passed. And the benefits will go to every income group, not “billionaires.” (emphasis added)

“(Tax Policy Center) estimates an average tax cut of about $2,140 per person…(but) some 16% of the richest Americans — those in the top 0.1% of incomes — will face an average tax increase of $387,610.” (emphasis added)

“…while the top 1% of incomes now pay 27% of all federal taxes, they will get just 21% of the tax cuts. The bottom 80%, including the middle class, pays only 33% of all taxes, but will take home 35% of the tax cuts.” (emphasis added)

And the kicker on just-passed tax-cuts…“Not one Democrat voted for them. Not one.”

There’s more – read it here. Huge thanks to Investor’s Business Daily.

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