Obama-crats plundered America…Trump empowers America

Any reasonable American will acknowledge 8 years of Obama saw the economy drain into fat-cat corporate and union coffers, while performing at a sub-par rate.

Daniel Greenfield has a great article that deserves your attention:


Money-quotes: “Americans are realizing that maybe we don’t have to just get used to dividing up the last torn shreds of a failing economy between leftist crony billionaires and their officially entitled victim groups…The Obama revolution paid out its benefits in stolen money. Trillions were stolen from taxpayers, homeowners, car owners, workers and small businessmen and redistributed to his friends and political cronies, to migrants and the welfare class, to Iran and other Islamic terrorists, and to the Green Mob.”

President Trump is the author of that realization…despite the best efforts of Democrats, the FakeNews media, and establishment GOP Never-Trumpers arrayed against him.

We suggest that, more importantly, the most significant accomplishment of Mr. Trump is his exposure of the FakeNews media for what they are, and have been for a long time.

A healthy skepticism has set in, and with it – for the first time in a long time – people are questioning the ‘conventional wisdom’ of a now-exposed self-serving elite.

For all that and more: Thank you, Mr. President.

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