Dumb ‘vaccine’ memes – Who honestly believes they’re convincing?

Meme away, Facebook robots, it just makes you look unthinking or dumb, cuz, Bottom Line? A vaccine that doesn’t immunize isn’t a vaccine…hysteria notwithstanding.

Those who buy into the whole ‘Trust Us’ scenario as regards this hysteria are free to do so…but thinking, reasoning Americans see this for what it is – a Big Pharma bonanza.

(Sadly, at American taxpayer expense.)

Regardless of reason, those who justify taking a CDC-redefined vaccine shouldn’t conflate arguments about its failure to immunize with comments about ingredients

…that’s not the issue.

Any attempt to make it the issue is nothing but a smokescreen, yet desperate memes float throughout Facebook daily, comparing what’s not known about ingredients in the ‘vaccine’ with not knowing secret recipes to Kentucky Fried Chicken or aspirin…

(…as if no one realizes aspirin WORKS, and – yes – fried chicken IS food…)

…but the CDC-redefined ‘vaccine’ doesn’t immunize – THAT’S the real issue.

(And don’t get us started on Gov’t-forced medical treatment: when was the last time Uncle Sam passed a Kentucky Fried Chicken or aspirin consumption mandate?)

People, people, people – flu shots lessen flu severity/impactvaccines immunize you from getting a disease…no amount of CDC redefinition can change that fact.

Just own your full trust in government, or the uncertainty they’ve sown amongst you.

If you choose to ignore the fact that their vaccine 1) doesn’t immunize, 2) doesn’t halt contagion and that 3) case counts and 4) death counts have actually increased since their introduction – that’s on you……but leave thinking, reasoning Americans alone.

We see through the smokescreen. Live with your choice…we’re willing to live with ours.

And, for the love of all that’s Holy, please meme intelligently.

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