Why ‘fire’ Mueller? His actions show him for what he is…

Democrats caution Trump against firing Robert Mueller after indictments in Russia investigation Fire Mueller? Why in the world would he do that?

For once, we agree with all the hype of Democrats blustering that the President better keep his hands off the special counsel…nothing gets the grassroots fired up more than unlawful acts that go unpunished – this is a PRIME example of such behavior.

Evidence recently uncovered shows Democrats colluded BIG TIME with foreign and domestic dirt-dealing, in an attempt to interfere with the American election process.

We predict Mueller could well be the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ for the President. In what appears to be a wholesale exoneration of Democrat collusion, Mueller’s totally exposed.

If anything, such a partisan actor will solidify and build on President Trump’s support.

Millions of Democrat dollars flowed through their collusion efforts, there seems no end to the volcanic mountain of evidence suddenly building to support this discovery, and there’s not one shred of an indication that Mueller will be inclined to pursue this.

In keeping with the age-old euphemism ‘never stop opponents when they’re digging a hole for themselves’…Mr. President – we heartily implore you to follow that advice…

…leave this Democrat guttersnipe Mueller right where he is.

(Just do us a favor and remember Sandy ‘Socks’ Berger. When Mueller and his team leave the office every day, check their clothing…because we need to keep close tabs on what evidence Mueller-&-Co. may ‘inadvertently’ try to send down the memory hole.)

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