White House-orchestrated DoJ coverup of Hillary’s email scandal WAY beyond Watergate

Those now comparing Hillary’s email scandal to the Watergate scandal seem focused only on her. But it’s Obama’s Justice Dept appointees doing the dirty work, and it’s really about veiling HIS culpability…

..’cuz he was private-emailing too.

So, yeah, it was about a (President) Nixon cover-up then, just as it’s (not so much a Hillary cover-up as) a President Obama cover-up now.

And before Liberals start asking why it even really matters, remember the FBI did find indications emails were HACKED (which jeopardized national security)…

…including emails revealing Amb. Stevens’s activities JUST PRIOR to a Benghazi tragedy…that claimed 4 American lives….including Amb. Stevens.

And, please remember…NO ONE DIED from the Watergate scandal.

Yeah…it matters.

This is way beyond a Watergate-level scandal…

…Obama’s and Clinton’s unsecured email activities cost American lives.



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