You’d think a sexual predator’s accomplice would be more newsworthy

For all the media’s focus on dubious claims from adult industry bimbo’s that Trump molested/pawed/innuendoed them decades ago, there’s a perfect comeback…

…why doesn’t a sexual predator’s ACCOMPLICE like Hillary get more scrutiny?

Bill Clinton’s predation is fact, as is Hillary’s coordinated effort to destroy his victims.

Media should be reminded of this whenever they hit Trump with ‘sudden revelations’ that are of suspect origins, since his accusers never stepped forward before.

Such a response from Trump could blunt their tactics and draw blood on this issue.

But, then, would it matter? For media, seems ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ never happens…

…when it’s a Clinton’s blood being drawn.

And, if media protests that Bill Clinton’s not on the ticket, the response is obvious…

…his accomplice IS. 

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